Work Lights

Coleman 250W Portable Worklight

M5141020 Available: 2
-Comfort grip heavy duty handle
-Shadow fighter grill
-1-Foot 18/3 grounded power cord
-Complete with 250-Watt halogen bulb
-4000 Lumen output
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Cord Brooder Lamp 18/2 8"

M5360020 Available: 7
Insulated porcelain socket,Heavy-gauge aluminum reflector,Snap-on reflector bulb guard,Hang-up hooks,Two-conductor & polarized male plug,8 ft. black flexible rubber cord,Sturdy clamp with vinyl-coated grips,250W, NOT UL LISTED, 10-1/2"
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Coleman Cable Halogen Work Light 500W

M5360033 Available: 2
Complete with (1) 500-watt halogen bulb, 8,000 lumens light output Two easy light adjustment knobs and weatherproof on/off switch S' stand for stability, foam grip handle for comfort Safety wire grill protects glass surface 3-foot 18/3 grounded power cord, UL/CUL Listed
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16/3 All Temp Work Light

M5360135 Available: 5
Patented dual hook system, hang by the guard or handle. Heat resistant housing stays cool even with short neck bulbs. Round flexible vinyl jacket. Meets OSHA specifications for temporary lighting. UL rated for 100 watt bulbs. UL Listed.
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16/3 25Ft Work Light

M5360140 Available: 2
Contractor work light with protective guard. High gloss compound resists abrasion. Ultra flexible down to -58F temp. Features: flexible Type SJT wire, high-heat resistant bulb collar, grounded metal guard, 13A grounded receptacle in handle & dual hooks. Coated wire, hex shaped cage directs light; keeps hot reflector from skin or upholstery. SIZE 16/3 25 Ft. DESC 100W Bulb Rating
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