Solar Lights

Stainless Steel Mini Solar Stake

3500626 Available: 4
Enhanced brightness & extended runtime
Automatically turns on/off
Light fixture comes pre-assembled for easy set-up and use. No wiring is required - assembles and installs in seconds. The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and charges the rechargeable battery during the day. At night, light turns on automatically.
One trick we have learned with our many years of selling solar. You want to charge the battery like you would a new rechargeable phone. Set them outside to power up the light to the max on a sunny day. Then put them in the closet overnight to shine and use up the battery. (just like you use the phone completely before recharging). This just helps the battery perform at
it's peak power. Install in the sunny yard the next day and and they will give you lots of light and pleasure. They also make a neat light pattern due to their shape of window. You will love them.
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Solar Lantern Firefly

M1026890 Available: 2
Solar Firefly Glass Jar, Includes 3 Plastic Fireflies That Glow On & Off, Like Real Fireflies, Artificial Grass Inside The Jar, Solar Panel In Black Plastic Cap, On/Off Switch, Includes One "AA" Ni-Mh, 1.2V, 600MAH Rechargeable Battery
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Echo Valley Universal Solar Jar-Cap Large

M1049562 Available: 2
Hanging Solar Lantern Build your own outdoor solar accent lighting by Echo Valley

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2/3 AA Ni-Cad Rechargeable Battery

M1054781 Available: 1
Voltage: 1.2 Volts

Capacity: 450mAh

Chemistry: Nickel Cadmium - Ni-Cd

Dimensions: Diameter 0.56"(14.2mm) x Height 1.13" (28.7mm)

Weight: 0.06 lbs. (27.0 g)

Termination: Flat Top (Tech Cell for Battery Packs)
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Solar Mini Spotlight

M1054849 Available: 40
So you've just installed a beautiful fish pond in your backyard, and throughout the day you find yourself gazing at the beautiful rocks, the bright colored plants and flowers, and of course the lovely fish swimming happily. But as nighttime falls, the pond disappears into the blackness and you realize that although you can hear it, you want to be able to see it at night. That's when you buy the Moonrays Solar Mini Spotlight. This garden accent light is perfect for your needs. The solar spot light is energy efficient, low profile, and bright enough to illuminate your lovely new water feature and all of its details. The Moonrays Solar Mini Spotlight is just what you need to showcase your garden in all of its splendor, day and night.
Spotlight accents your garden
Durable black plastic construction with plastic lens
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Alpine Solar LED Driveway Marker

M5110200 Available: 2
Our Solar Powered Garden Stakes make perfect accents for any garden landscape.The solar panels attached to the stakes make them charge during daytime and light up automatically at night. These solar stakes will install in just seconds and their high quality waterproof housing ensures that they can withstand the harsh elements on the outdoors. Place it in your garden landscape, yard, balcony or pathway to add a pop of color at night.
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Solar Rock Light w/Key Holder

M5110463 Available: 4
Solar rock spotlight features hidden -,key compartment in bottom,Durable realistic-looking polyresin rock,Light has plastic lens,3 white LEDs,Rechargeable AA NiCad battery (included),5.5" above ground height to light,1 piece per pack
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Solar Powered Turtles On A Log

M5110470 Available: 1
The Moonrays 91515 Solar Powered Turtles On A Log Yard Light is great for any turtle lover since it features 3 turtles resting on log. The turtle shells glow amber at night and recharges during the day. Feature a durable realistic-looking polyresin construction. No wiring is required since the yard light is powered by the sun. High quality amber LEDs never need to be replaced and the rechargeable battery is included.
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Moonrays Solar Deck Light

M5110502 Available: 6
Moonrays Solar Deck Light - Brown
2 LED's
Easily mounts to deck or stairs
Powered by the sun, no wiring required. Durable plastic construction. White LED provides downlighting effect. Installs with included screws. Rechargeable NiCd battery included.
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Paradise Solar Rattan Flicker Basket Light

M5141431 Available: 4
This attractive Paradise solar round rattan basket with a flickering amber LED light will add a nice decor element to any patio or garden area. It is an 8-Inch tall and 9 inch wide basket in a brown finish. It is safe, with no wiring required. It is ideal for creating decorative effects throughout the garden. It is powered by the sun to light up automatically at night and save energy with a rechargeable AA ni-cd 300 mAH rechargeable battery.
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Paradise Plastic Path Light Black

M5142066 Available: 25
LED hammered plastic path light.  Contains 1 white LED 2.4 lumens.  Uses 1 AA 300mAH recharable battery.
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Paradise 50 LED Solar Bubble String Light

M5142108 Available: 13
-Size: 374-Inch long and the 50 strawberry bubbles are 1/2 Inch by 1/2 Inch -Ideal for creating decorative effects throughout the garden
-Safe, no wiring required-out of the box and ready to set up
-Powered by the sun, lights up automatically at night and saves energy
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