Solar Lights

Solar Stake Light Butterfly

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This solar light charges during the day and turns on automatically at
night. Color Changing LED. Up to 8 hours of run time. On/Off Switch. 600 mAh Battery Included. Extension Tube Included to Allow for multiple heights.

Product may or may not come with a box.
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Solar Fluttering Butterfly with Flower. Flaps its wings and moves through the air powered by the sun, or a single AA battery, not included. Looks and flutters like a real butterfly. Use the solar power option outside or keep indoors utilizing battery power. Display in your garden, a potted plant or in a floral arrangement. The Fluttering Butterfly with Flower will add fun, color and motion to your home. Height is 19" assembled. Makes an 18" diameter circle when the stake Is mounted straight up and down. If the stake is tilted, the butterfly will hover on 1 side. Butterfly design and color are assorted packed, so color preferences cannot be selected with your order. Flower type will be either rose, lily or sunflower.
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