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FPE Thin Breaker 120V 20A

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This 120 volt Federal Pacific Electric, 20 amp, single pole, thin series replacement circuit breaker is used in a Federal Pacific (FPE) load center. Typical applications, up to 2,200 watts, include kitchen circuits, branch circuits, wall receptacles, electric heaters (up to 1,650 watts), dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, window air conditioners (110V, up to 5,500 BTU) and electric motors (3/4 hp to 1-1/4 hp). These are only suggested applications and cannot assure compliance with all local codes. Please check local electrical codes before starting any electrical project.
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Single pole,1 space ground circuit interrupter,SIZE 15 Amp
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Square D Combo Arc Fault Breaker 15A

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Plug-on, combination AFCI circuit breaker, complies with the requirements for both branch/feeder and outlet circuit AFCIs. Combination AFCI provides for series arc detection down to 5 amperes. Required on January 1, 2008 by 2005 NEC, combination type AFCI circuit breakers must be placed on bedroom power and lighting circuits. It is intended to protect downstream branch circuit wiring and cord sets and power-supply cords. Provides ARC fault, overload and short circuit protection. UL listed. Protects against worn electrical insulation or damaged wire, misapplied or damaged plug in appliances and equipment, and loose electrical connections.10kA interrupting rating. UL Listed, 120 volt AC. One 1" space per breaker. Carded.
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GE GFCI Circuit Breaker 120V 20A

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Designed for use on circuits where contact with water or another ground is possible while using an electrical device. One inch module, 10,000 AIR, 5 milli-amp (.005 amp) ground fault trip level. Push to test button. May be used when marked to accept with American Switch, Arrow Hart, Bryant, General Switch, GTE, Sylvania, most ITE, Murray, Westinghouse Type BR, Challenger. 60 Hz. UL Listed.
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