Gardner Bender Conduit Bender Handle

30201 Available: 2
Pre-threaded for easy assembly and labeled with an informative guide for efficient conduit bending. Fits aluminum bender numbers 910, 911, 930, 931, 940, 941; iron bender numbers 920, and 921.
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Ox-Guard Anti-Oxidant OX-100B

30202 Available: 2
For all aluminum wire leads,Prevents oxidation and shorting,Prevents corrosion of aluminum conduit joints,1 per card,SIZE 1 Oz.
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Grounding Rod 5/8"x8'

30278 Available: 2
Copperbonded, resists corrosion better than galvanized rods, allowing for a 30-year service life in most soils. Uniform plating thickness, average tensile strength of 80,000 psi and straightness tolerance of .010" per linear foot. Exceeds the requirements of ANSI/UL 467-1984, CSA, and ANSI/NEMA GR-1.
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Charging Clamps 10A

31004 Available: 2
Battery charging clips,Multi-purpose,Designed specifically for battery-,and testing equipment applications,DESC 10 Amp,QTY/CD 4/Cd.
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Alligator Clips 30A 2pk

31005 Available: 2
For battery and testing equipment applications.
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Multipurpose Aligator Clips

31007 Available: 10
Multi-purpose clips for home-auto & marine uses,#22-14 AWG ,SIZE/QTY 2"/ 4 per Cd.,DESC Non-insulated
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Thin Wall Conduit Bender 931B

31019 Available: 2
Thin wall conduit bender,Built-in 45 & 90 degree levels,Plus 30, 45 & 90 sight down arrows,High strength, lightweight aluminum alloy, 3/4"
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Fish Tape Reel & Winder 65ft

31024 Available: 2
Full wrap-around ergonomic handle made from tough nylon resin keeps the angle of the users wrist in a straight and locked position to reduce wrist strain. Interior grip is formed to fit the user's palm, reducing the number of pressure points common on most fish tapes. Increased interior ribbing, along with high-impact ABS resin, improves durability to exceed 25' drop tests.
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Cable Ripper/Stripper 4"

31026 Available: 2
Tool slits romex and other non-metallic cable, checks wire gauge 6 to 14.
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Heavy Duty Auto Wire Stripper

31690 Available: 2
Heavy-duty strip-easy wire stripper. Precise cutting blade stripping action and automatic action. Cuts insulation and strips solid & stranded wire easily. Cuts #8-22 AWG wire. Replacement blade available. Carded
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Steel Fish Tape 125ft

32097 Available: 2
Reduces wrist and forearm strain though-,new ergonomic design nylon handle,Smooth interior grip fits hand comfortably,Overmolded rubber grip improves operation,Withstands drops onto concrete of 25 feet,SIZE 125 Ft.
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Gardner Bender Copper Plated Battery Clip 50amp

32241 Available: 3
For battery, battery charger and testing equipment applications. Copper clad clamps. Handle grips are insulated and color-coded for positive (red) and negative (black) identification.
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