Incandescent Bulb Changer Kit

3004736 Available: 4
For up to 200 watt bulbs. Bulb changer has standard 3/4" acme threads to fit most extension poles, pole not included. Patented quick release design allows removal and replacement of bulbs at heights up to 32' without the use of a ladder.
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PAR Flood Bulb Changer Kit 3001

3004744 Available: 12
Attaches to male end on extension handle,Suction cup has release cup,Removes & replaces most PAR bulbs,Ladder not needed,Handle NOT Included
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Bulb Changer Kit Combo

M5350290 Available: 4
Reach bulbs up to 11.25 ft. high,Non-conductive 2 section extension pole,Bulb changer has 3 interchangeable cups,Change flood, spot and incandescent lights,External locking device adjusts pole heights
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