Thin Wall Conduit Bender 931B

31019 Available: 2
Thin wall conduit bender,Built-in 45 & 90 degree levels,Plus 30, 45 & 90 sight down arrows,High strength, lightweight aluminum alloy, 3/4"
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Fish Tape Reel & Winder 65ft

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Full wrap-around ergonomic handle made from tough nylon resin keeps the angle of the users wrist in a straight and locked position to reduce wrist strain. Interior grip is formed to fit the user's palm, reducing the number of pressure points common on most fish tapes. Increased interior ribbing, along with high-impact ABS resin, improves durability to exceed 25' drop tests.
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Telescopic Pole 16ft

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Anodized aluminum, strong yet lightweight. With ergonomic nylon collar that locks and loosens in 1/2 turn. Snap-in System Adapter with thread is included. Comes with cone adapter to fit Unger products.
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Romex Wire Stripper/Cutter

3190451 Available: 2
With 12/2 and 14/2 stripping slots to quickly remove outer jacket of Type NM-B non-metallic-sheathed cable. Stripping holes remove insulation on 12 and 14 AWG lead wire. Narrow nose fits into tight places. Precision staggered shear-type blades for square, clean cuts on solid copper wire. Curved handles help reach into confined areas. Strong-gripping serrated nose; for easy bending, shaping and pulling of wire. Wire looping and bending holes. Screw-shearing holes. Coil spring provides fast self-opening action. Closure lock for storage. Double-dipped comfort grips. Yellow and white handle. Used for 12 & 14 AWG solid wire.
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Big Ben Aluminum EMT Bender 3/4"

3231909 Available: 2
Larger foot pedal for consistent bends,Stronger hook resists breaking,Back channel easily corrects over bends,Vise-Mate conduit vise holds conduit-,while cutting or reaming,SIZE For 3/4" EMT
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7 Function Digital Multi Meter

3260452 Available: 3
7-function - 7 range digital multimeter,Tests AC voltage to 500 volt,Tests DC voltage to 600 volt,Plus continuity (audible), temperature probe-,from -40 to 1832 deg. F, battery testing, -,diode and resistance (20 meg) testing,Auto ranging - easy to read display,Includes batteries, test leads & instructions
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Electrical Usage Monitor P4400

3285723 Available: 2
The  Kill A Watt EZ energy meter and electricity cost calculator will tell you the operating cost of any household appliance, in the same measurement units that your utility company charges you (kilowatt/hour), and in REAL cost per day, week, month, or year.
    * Shows the operating costs of your household appliances
    * Accurate within 0.2%
    * Large LCD Display
    * Calculates cost and forecasts by week, month and year
    * Built-in battery backup
    * Displays eight critical units of measure
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Irwin Self Adjusting Wire Stripper 8"

M5350100 Available: 7
Self-adjusting, strips wire from 10-24 AWG. Adjustable stopper controls the length of the core strip. Swivel knob micro-adjusts for gauges smaller than 20 AWG. Wire crimper crimps 10-22 AWG insulated, 10-22 AWG non-insulated and 7-9mm ignition terminals.
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Eclipse Professional Digital MultiMeter

M5350203 Available: 2
This multimeter is designed with professionals and do-it-yourselfers in mind. It features a large easy to read display and simple interface. The back light screen is easy to read even in low light environments.
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Bulb Changer Kit Combo

M5350290 Available: 2
Reach bulbs up to 11.25 ft. high,Non-conductive 2 section extension pole,Bulb changer has 3 interchangeable cups,Change flood, spot and incandescent lights,External locking device adjusts pole heights
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Greenlee Automatic Digital Multimeter

M5350516 Available: 1
Take an inventory of the items in your pocket, a pen, pencil, non-contact voltage detector and now a PDMM-20 pocket multimeter. Greenlee's new PDMM-20 is an auto function, low impedance multimeter designed with a safety rating of Category III 300-Volt and with its auto ranging function that provides hassle free automatic measurement of voltage and resistance.
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Greenlee Basic Electrical Kit TK-30

M5350585 Available: 5
Three core products - the DM-25 manual ranging multimeter to measure voltage and check batteries, the GT-10 polarity cube to trouble shoot 120 volt AC grounded outlets and the GT-11 non-contact voltage detector for use in outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, wires and cables. Comes with a durable carrying case for storage and added protection.
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