EMT Conduit 1/2"

30279 Available: 17
The Allied Tube & Conduit 1/2 in. x 10 ft. Electric Metallic Tube Conduit offers protection from magnetic fields, impact damage and crushing when pulling electrical cable. This steel conduit resists flattening, kinking and splitting and is coated with zinc for corrosion and abrasion resistance.

EMT Thinwall Conduit 3/4"

30280 Available: 11
This Corrugated Tube is made of plastic material, it is flexible to fit angle easily.
Can be used for wire connecting in many electric appliances and industry machines, and protect the electric cable perfectly.

EMT Thinwall Conduit 1"

30281 Available: 11
Allied Tube Single seal-X factory sealed pushbutton with box and cover in black color is made of aluminum. It measures 1 Inch inner diameter x 1.163 Inch outer diameter x 10 ft. It has a current rating of 0.55 Amp at 125 Volts DC/0.275 Amp at 250 Volts DC inrush. It has 3/4 Inch dead end hub connection type.

Duplex Handy Box Cover

30298 Available: 14
Utility box covers duplex receptacle  steel Steel box cover for duplex receptacle. Rugged construction. 2- 5/16 inches wide x 4- 3/16 inches tall. UL Listed.

Toggle Handy Box Cover 865 SG

30299 Available: 25
Steel box cover with single toggle switch opening in the center.

Square Duplex 1/2" Rise Cover

30307 Available: 6
Raised 1/2". For one duplex receptacle. 5-1/2 cubic inch capacity.

4 Square Toggle/Duplex Combo Box Cover

30309 Available: 5
4" single toggle/duplex outlet cover, 4"

Square Double Duplex 1/2" Rise Cover

30310 Available: 6
4" square boxes,Double duplex outlet style, 4"

Steel Deep Drawn Square 4" Box

30331 Available: 9
4"x4" square drawn box - 1-1/2" deep,Cubic inches: 21.0,Drawn boxes are ideal for exposed work,Use in wall or ceiling for light fixtures-,switches or receptacles,KNOCK-OUTS 1/2 & 3/4"

Drawn Handy Box 1-7/8"

30337 Available: 1
For convenience outlet-switch & junction boxes,Has 1/2" knock-outs for conduit,Popular for surface mount applications,SIZE 4x 2x 1-7/8",DESC Drawn

Set Screw Coupling 1"

30397 Available: 20
Join two lengths of EMT conduit together,Zinc die cast,Concrete-tight 1/2"-1" ,Concrete-tight when taped 1-1/4"-4",For indoor use only,UL listed,SIZE 1" ,QTY/PK Tray Box

Treaded Conduit Body Type C 1/2"

30432 Available: 2
With cover & gasket,Gain access of interior of raceway,For wire pulling, splicing & maintenance,Copper-free die-cast aluminum,For indoor or outdoor use,SIZE 1/2"