Wire Connectors

Plastic Staple 1/2"

30380 Available: 11
Secures UP and other type NM cable-,up to 3-conductor #10,Smooth saddles prevent damage to insulation,Polyethylene saddle resists rot and rust,Nail heads are recessed for minimum exposure,UV protected,1/2" for 2 conductor wire - 3/4" for 3 conductor,White,SIZE 1/2",QTY/PACK 50 / Bag

Metal Cable Stable Box 1/2"

30382 Available: 4
Two-wire staples,Fastens 2 and 3 conductor non-metallic cable,SIZE 1"x 1/2",QTY/BX/CD 100

Metal Cable Staple 9/16"

30383 Available: 12
Two-wire staples fasten 2 and 3 conductor non-metallic cable. SIZE: 1/2" x 1" - For 2 conductor (No. 12 and No. 14) NM cable. SIZE: 9/16" x 1-1/4" - For 3 conductor (No. 10 and No. 12) NM, BX, UF and other cable.

Wire Nut Connector Blue

30972 Available: 2
High leverage, easy-on wing type design,Wings are knurled for surer grip,Offset from centerline for twisting leverage,Square-wire plated springs adjust to wire splice,Flame-retardant- resist heat distortion,High-dielectric shell prevents wire exposure,For copper to copper connections only,In cards, bags and box packaging,WIRE #14-#6 AWG,COLOR/QTY Blue/ 50/Box

Duck Electrical Friction Tape

30982 Available: 13
Cotton cloth utility tape,Traditional cover 15 mil strong,No rubber electrical splices,For wrapping hockey sticks,Also baseball bats & garden tools,SIZE 3/4"x 30 Ft.,COLOR Black

Wire Nut Connector Gray

31981 Available: 3
Tight, square-wire spring threads directly onto conductors for fast connections with no slip. Tightens without ratcheting, easily removed for repeat usage on same size combination or larger. Fluted shell surface permits a firm grip for easy finger-tight connections. Thermoplastic shell shields against environmental extremes. Flame-retardant properties resist heat distortion up to 221 degrees Fahrenheit. Superior flash-over protection. High-dielectric shell features deep skirt design to prevent exposure of bare wire. Buttress threads screw into wire insulation. For copper to copper connections only.  GB-2 Blue: minimum 3 #22 - maximum 3 #16 GB-3 Orange: minimum 3 #20 - maximum 4 #16 with 1 #20 GB-4 Yellow:  minimum 1 #14 with 1 #18 - maximum

Wire Nut Connector Green

32522 Available: 3
Specifically designed for making positive ground connections. Connectors feature the same live-action as WingGard connectors with the added plating protection for corrosion resistance in grounding applications. Contoured, offset wings enable firm ground connections with the twist of a hand. Flame retardant, themoplastic shell resists punctures, cuts, abrasion and corrosion. Connectors have a hole in the tip for ground wire. Solid copper to copper connections only. Nos. 15-095; 19-095 and 25-095: minimum 2 #14, maximum 4 #12 wire connections.

Basic Vinyl Electric Tape 3/4"x60'

33180 Available: 106
7 mil thick vinyl electrical tape,Rated for use up to 600 volts and between -,14 and 176 degrees F.,Excellent stretch, adhesion & conformability,UL listed and CSA certified,Wrapped single rolls,SIZE 3/4" x 60 Ft., Black

Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape

33305 Available: 11
Premium grade, all-weather insulating tape,Conformable for cold weather applications,Easily conforms to irregular surfaces,Provides moisture-tight protection,Flexible & easy to handle,SIZE 3/4"x 66 Ft.,COLOR Black

Wire Nut Connector Blue

33337 Available: Out of stock
Color coded, tight square wire spring connectors,Tough thermoplastic shell,Resists chemical action,Copper to copper connections only,Flame-retardant properties resist heat -,distortion up to 221 degrees F.,UL Listed and CSA Certified,In boxes and resealable bags,SIZE #22-#16 AWG,COLOR/PK-QTY Blue/ 100/Box

Heat Shrink Tubing Assortment 1/8"-1/4" 8pk

34380 Available: 11
Heat & polyolefin shrink tubing,For quick sheathing of in-line connectors,Length: 4",Carded, Asst.

Heat Shrink Tube Black 1/2"-1/4"

34892 Available: 2
Heat & polyolefin shrink tubing,For quick sheathing of in-line connectors,Length: 4",Carded, 1/2-1/4"