2-Prong Plug 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer

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Come home to a lighted house with 24-hour timer,Use with lamps, radios, small appliances & more,24-hour cycle - same On/Off settings each day,Multiple On/Off settings - maximum 48 per day,Never-Lose pins cannot be removed or lost,Helps to lower energy costs,Ratings: 125V, 15 Amp,DESC 2 - Conductor,COLOR White

Outdoor 24-Hour Mechanical Outlet Timer

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Heavy-duty 3-conductor mechanical timer,Ideal for car heating accessories, pool pumps,-,outdoor lighting and other outdoor accessories,Settings repeat daily,Durable protective cover - 8" 14/3 SJTW cord,Multiples On/Off setting- cycles: 48 per day,Never-Lose pins cannot be removed or lost,Rating: 125V 15 Amp - helps to lower energy cost,SIZE 3"Dx7.5"Wx9"H,COLOR Black/Grn Cover

In-Wall Programmable Timer 7 Day White

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Set to turn lights, exhaust and ceiling fans, space heaters and other appliances on and off at certain times of the day. Settings repeat weekly. Replaces a standard light switch and fits a standard decorator switch plate. Push-button settings, self-recharging battery back-up in case of power failure and compatibility with compact fluorescent bulbs. 120 Vac 60 Hz 15 amp, 1875 watt resistive - 8 amp, 120 volt, 1000 watt Tungsten -1/4 hp.

In-Wall 60-Minute Timer White

3434933 Available: 2
Automatically turns off bath fans, lights & more,Easy to install in place of existing wall switch,Fits standard & decorator switch plate,Turns off after selected time - up to 60 min.,Helps to lower energy costs,Compatible with compact fluorescent bulbs,Rating: 125V / 60 Hz, 20 Amp,COLOR White Plate

Outdoor 24-Hour Digital Outlet Timer w/ Light Sensor

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Digital timer controls landscape, holiday-,lights and more,Settings repeat daily,Photoelectric eye,6" 18/3 SJTW cord,Multiple On/Off settings - cycles: 48 per day,Never-Lose pins cannot be removed or lost,Rating: 125V 15Amp,COLOR Charcoal

Intermatic Covered Outdoor Timer 15A/120V

3461977 Available: 2
The HB11K outdoor plug-in 24-hour timer is ideal for use with outdoor decorations, holiday lighting, fountains, above ground pool pumps and other heavy duty appliances. It has a 13-inch cord and grounded plug and receptacle. Comes standard with 2 ON/2 OFF trippers.

Astro Digital In-Wall Timer

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The IW600K self adjusting wall switch timer allows you to set it once and forget it. Never bother with resetting again. Use with decorator style wall plate (sold separately). Controls LED, CFL and Incandescent lighting. This timer utilizes an astronomic feature to keep track of daily sunrise/sunset changes and automatic daylight saving time adjustment. The large LCD display provides an easy readout of time of day, mode and load status. The random feature can vary the time your lights turn on by a few minutes to give your home a "lived in" look. Also features battery backup and manual override. UL listed. Resistive: 15A, 120 VAC. Tungsten: 15A, 120 VAC, . Ballast: 8A, 120 VAC. Motor: 1 HP, 120 VAC. DC Loads: 4A, 12 VD.

 In-Wall 60 Minute Digital Timer

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Key Features

    LED Display/Selected Program Highlighted with LED
    Six Large Preset Buttons/Simple One-Step Programming
    Push Button Select/Choose 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, or 60 Minutes Countdown Timing
    Countdown Timing/Starts Immediately for the Timed Duration Selected
    On/Off Override Button/Convenient one-touch programming bypass

Intermatic 24hr Basic Timer

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The TN111K premium indoor 24-hour plug-in timer is simple to use and program. Simply set the ON/OFF trippers into the desired time slots, then plug the light into the timer and the timer into the wall outlet. It is ideal for lamps and appliances. You can schedule 2 ON/OFF events at 15-minute intervals. CSA certified. 15A, 125VAC, 60Hz.

60-Minute Spring Wound Timer

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-Controls LED and CFL lights
-60 min off control of fans, lights, motors, heaters and other energy consuming loads
-These energy saving timers use no electricity to operate
-Designed to replace any standard wall switch, single or multi-gang

GE 15102 24hr Outdoor Heavy Duty Mechanical Timer

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Black, Outdoor, Heavy Duty, Mechanical Timer, Grounded 3 Prong Plug In, Daily 24 Hour, Programmable In 15 Minute Intervals, Maximum 96 Individual On/Off Settings Per Day, 1 Grounded 3 Prong Outlet, Weather Cover, Motor Load Rating Up To 1/2 HP, CFL Ready, 125V, 60HZ, 15A, 1250W Tungsten, Culus Certified.

Intermatic 15 Amp Basic Indoor Timer CFL/LED

M1043197 Available: 51
The TN811K basic indoor 24-hour plug-in timer is simple to use and program. The captive trippers allow for up to 24 on/off events at 30-minute intervals. It is ideal for lamps, appliances and holiday lighting. It has one 2-prong receptacle. UL listed. 15A, 125VAC, 60Hz.