Ceiling Fans

Round Ceiling Pan 4"

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Ceiling fan 4" round pan, 1/2" deep, 6 cubic inches, 5 bottom 1/2" knockouts. Used for new work and renovations. Ceiling fan rated pans are used in the installation of heavy light fixtures or ceiling fans. Maximum 70 pound fan or 150 pound fixture. Includes nonmetallic sheathed cable connector, mounting hardware, and instructions. UL 514-A listed, File E195978, acceptable for use in 2-hour rated walls and ceilings. 4" diameter x 1/2" deep. 6 cubic inches.
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Hubbell 936 Raco Ceiling Fan Box and Support 1-1/2"

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Ceiling fan box with brace, 1-1/2" deep, 15.5 cubic inch. Used to hang ceiling fans and light fixtures between joists or structural members safely and securely in old work applications where access is limited. Brace allows simple expansion, adjustable form 16" to 24". Recommended support load for ceiling fan is 35 pounds, for fixtures is 50 pounds. 4 half inch side, three bottom knock outs. Mounting hardware with high strength, hardened screws and instructions included. Acceptable for use in 2-hour rated walls and ceilings. UL Listed.
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Heavy-duty riveted bracket included. Installs on side of joist. 4" octagon box - 2-1/8" deep. 21.5 cubic inches
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