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Plate Joiner Kit  7 Amp

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Fence tilts from 0 to 135 degrees with positive adjustable stop at 90 degrees, micro height adjustment knob. Lock on trigger, height scale accurate at any angle, seven-position rotating depth stop for FF, #0, #10, #20, Simplex, Duplex, and #6 biscuits. Spindle lock, bale handle attached to fence, not motor, for greater stability and added control during cuts. 1" O.D. dust port accepts standard bag or can be connected to a vacuum. Specs: 120V/AC, 25-60/HZ, speed: 10,000RPM, blade type is 6-Tooth (CT) & 4-Tooth (CT), blade size is 2" & 4", height: 7", weighs 7 1/2lbs. Includes: plate joiner, 2" blade, 4" blade, centering plate, dust bag, chip deflector, Allen wrench, carrying case, and operating manual.
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