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Festool Longlife Filter Bag CT MIDI

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When using the CT Dust Extractors with routers and planers, or any activity that produces large shavings or wood chips in volume, filter bags are going to fill up faster than when you are producing fine dust, such as in sanding applications. If you find that you are replacing filter bags often under these circumstances, then it might be time for a Longlife filter bag . Designed with a non-stick, micropore plastic lining, the Longlife filter bag can be used over and over again, up to 500 times. The Longlife filter bag saves money on filter bag replacement while offering a convenient and easy means to capture and dispose of large wood chips. Not recommended for use with the fine dust creating by sanding. Includes 1 Longlife reusable filter bag.
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Festool CT 36E AC Dust Extractor

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The CT 36 E AC has an autoclean feature especially equipped for the Festool Planex LHS 225 Drywall Sander. Sanders are known for creating a lot of dust very quickly. So the filters with normal dust extractors would clog creating excessive dust build-up and minimum suction. With this Festool dust extractor, there is an automatic cleaning of the filter as you continue to work so there are no interruptions. Its ability to circulate huge amounts of suction for the dust and the continued use of the filter without any interruptions is time and money-saving. The CT 36 E AC includes an ultra-light weight, flexible hose for use with the Planex Drywall sander and other tools that accept a 36mm hose. The low center of gravity, integrated center handle, and extra large wheels make navigating rough terrain in the shop or jobsite easy without tipping over. Festool offers a comprehensive three-year limited warranty and ensures the highest level of quality for all of their power tools. Features: New Smooth tapered suction hose New and improved SYS-Dock Hose Garage New cord holder Tool triggered or manual on-off switch with smooth start up and shut off delay Replaceable Filter Bag Integrated cleaning device cleans the filter quickly Stepless electronic suction control Wet and dry extraction without complicated changeover Integrated storage Blower port Antistatic equipment protects from electrostatic charging Flat area for tools or systainer stacking Locking rear brakes Specifications: Container Capacity: 9.5 gal Dimensions (L X W X H) 24.8" x 14.4" x 23.4" (630 x 365 x 596mm) Filter Bag Capacity 8.9 gal Maximum Suction Force 137 CFM (3,900 l/min) Noise Level: 62-72 db(A) Power Consumption 350-1,200 watts/2.9-10 amps, 120v AC Static Water Lift 96" (24,000 Pa) Weight: 29.8lbs. (13 kg) Includes: CT 36 E AC Dust Extractor Filter Self-Cleaning Filter Bag Cord Wrap Hose Garage 36mm Antistatic Suction Hose, 1(36mm) x 11.5'(3.5M)
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Festool CT 26E HEPA Dust Extractor

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The Festool CT 26 E Dust Extractor incorporates increased capacity, innovation and versatility into this new design. With the dual mode power activation, the user chooses either a tool activated or manual activated start-up. This CT (Cleantec(R)) unit is mobile, with a durable chassis, large low abrasion rear tires, and double swivel casters up front to easily negotiate obstacles. The CT 26 E dust extractor can be secured in place with a single point foot brake. The filter bags have even been redesigned to be self-cleaning. The bag inflates and deflates with the cycling of the unit for maximum suction force and efficiency. An integrated hose garage has been added for easy hose storage. As with all, Festool dust extractors, the CT 26 E utilizes the SYS-Dock system that facilitates the use/storage of one or more T-LOC or classic systainer(R) to the top of the unit. Works wet or dry with no complex conversion, and is extremely quiet.

Includes: CT 26 E - 6.9 Gallon HEPA Mobile Dust Extractor, HEPA Filter, (1) Fitted Filter Bag and (1) 1 1/16" x 11.5' Antistatic Suction Hose.
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Festool CT 36E HEPA Dust Extractor

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Compact but large. Light but powerful. Whether it's used on the construction site or in the workshop, thanks to its huge container capacity of 36 l, the CT 36 provides maximum volume with compact dimensions. Equipped with swiveling castor wheels and rear wheels for optimum mobility. It also has a locking brake that provides stability on any surface as well as during transport. The flat filter fully integrated in the suction head ensures the full volume is utilized: This means that the gross and net container volumes are virtually identical. The extremely compact high-performance turbine provides the right suction power. A 137 CFM (3900 l/min) volume flow means that nothing remains except clean air. Carries Full Unit HEPA
Maximum utilization of the container volume the gross volume is the same as the net volume. Can be individually retrofitted with an additional socket, compressed air or Bluetooth module for remote control on the suction hose or automatic start via the Bluetooth battery pack. Constantly high suction because of the compact high performance turbine -Smooth suction hose and optimized SYS-Dock with cord holder and T-LOC function for conveniently connecting SYSTAINERs to the mobile dust
extractor. Antistatic function prevents static developing during work. Attachment of Systainers via SYS-Dock. Hose garage and cable windup for greater tidiness and safety. Economical because of the optimal use of the available volume with a SELFCLEAN filter bag in the container. Container/filter bag capacity 36/34 l
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