Power Tool Accessories

Adhesive Back Disc Pad Kit 5"

12886 Available: 3
Contains the following:,3M adhesive backed sandpaper discs,3M disc pad,Disc lasts up to five times longer,Resists snagging, gouging & clogging,Press on & peel off for easy use,5" discs

Guetle DP Extra Heavy Aluminum Duty Dust Pan 17"

18341 Available: 3
Pick up a shop full of saw dust and wood shavings in one scoop.  The lip of this all aluminum pan sits flat against the floor for a no hands sweep up. The wide (17") opening of this larger dustpan makes for a fast clean up. Lightweight and rust proof. Made in the USA.

General Tools 4 Circle Cutter 7/8-4"

20230 Available: 2
The high speed steel cutting blade adjusts to accommodate the thickness of your material and is easily replaceable. Body constructed from heat treated tool steel; cuts circles from 7/8" to 4" in diameter. All adjustments can be made with hex wrench (included). For use on a drill press only; replaceable cutting blade and 1/4" pilot drill (replacement blade #4/5). Used in applications such as cutting through most materials, including wood, composite, sheet metal and more.

General Tools 55 Adjustable Circle Cutter 1-3/4"-8"

20231 Available: 2
Heavy duty, tempered steel body will make clean cuts from 1-3/4" to 7-7/8" in diameter and features marked graduations on the beam for fast measurement and application. All adjustments can be made with hex wrench (included). Use with drill press only, replaceable cutting blade (#55) and 1/4" pilot drill (#5/6/55 bit).

Makita Combo Saw Blade 3-3/8"

20356 Available: 2
Thin kerf saw blade; designed for rip and crosscut work. Alternate top bevel, .031" plate, .046" kerf, 2,240 max RPM.

Makita Battery 9.6V

20379 Available: 2
Ni-CD; Ampere-hours (Ah) -1.3; battery case style- stick

General Tools Dowel Cent Set 8pc

20759 Available: 2
Made from nickel-plated steel and used for accurate match and transfer of dowel holes. Includes: (2) two each: 1/4", 5/16", 3/8? and 1/2".

HSS Twist Drill Bit 5/64"

21388 Available: 12
High speed steel bits used for general purpose drilling in wood, metal and plastic. Jobber length.

#7 Jobber Drill Bit

21419 Available: 9
High speed M-2 steel bit drills exact size hole for tapping; use where non fractional sized holes are required in automotive, MRO, portable drill or stationary drill press applications. Jobber length.

General Tools 24 Fractional Drill Gauge

21499 Available: 5
Drill Gage is a useful guide for identifying drill bit sizes; extremely helpful when working with older, unmarked drill bits, as well as with bits that are too small to fit diameter markings. Measures bits from 1/16" to 1/2"; made from heavy duty stainless steel with black etched graduations.

Pipe Tap 3/8-18NPT

21558 Available: 7
Cuts internal threads in pipes, tapered at a rate of 3/4" per foot, nominal size of the tap is that of the pipe fitting being tapped; four flutes. Used in applications such as pipe fittings.

Irwin Taper Pipe Tap 1/2-14NPT

21559 Available: 4
High carbon tool steel taps feature hard chrome finish. Chrome taps are rust resistant and will not tarnish.