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Boom Arm Bundle Set

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CT Boom Arm Bundle Set. Keep your cord and hose up and out of your way for more efficient work during sanding, sawing, routing or planing.
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Festool ETS EC150/3 EQ-Plus Sander USA

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The ETS EC 150/3 provides a high quality, swirl-free sanding finish with a random orbital 3mm stroke. The brushless motor provides a very long service life and enables the sander to be very low-profile, quiet and lightweight for improved ergonomics. Well suited for production shops, the ETS EC 150 sander's brushless motor means that you have less power consumption and reduced heat, which results in less vent ducts for cooling and fewer points for infiltration of dust and debris. Variable speed allows you to control the speed of the sander and rate of material removal. With a custom milled counter balance, this sander has virtually no vibration which reduces fatigue and prevents tingly hands after extended periods of sanding.
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