Screwdrivers & Nut Drivers

General Tools Screw Starter 3/64"-7/16"

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The Slotted Screw Starter is a convenient tool for installing or removing slotted screws in otherwise hard-to-reach areas.  It is also useful for installing screws that are too small to be held by hand.  The tool's steel chuck locks the screw firmly in place during use to reduce the risk of cross-threading.  This is a great tool for any maintenance professional or repairman.
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Jewelers Phillips Screwdriver Set 6pc

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This versatile precision screwdriver set includes five removable blades, Slotted and Phillips, for use in a variety of applications such as model making and jewelry repair.  The knurled handle features a rolling head for fingertip precision when removing and installing delicate screws.  The entire set is stored in a convenient plastic case.
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General Tools Ratcheting Screwdriver 807X

26297 Available: 6
Features one Phillips and one Slotted screwdriver blade and a reversible ratchet; alternative to traditional screwdrivers. Blades are made from hardened tool steel, ratchet is made from plated steel, ratchet handle is reversible. Offset head for odd-angle access, provides more leverage than regular screwdriver. Includes 1/4" Slotted and #2 Phillips blades. Conforms to government specifications GGG-S-1408.
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 Scratch Awl 6.5"

26311 Available: 7
The Hardwood Handle Scratch Awl is highlighted by a 3-3/4" exposed blade and a fluted handle.  The alloy steel blade runs through the length of the handle and is also securely fastened to the steel ferrule.  As a result, the Scratch Awl can withstand heavy pressure and tough workloads.  This item is great for scribing, perforating, punching and aligning holes.
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5 In 1 Pocket Screwdriver

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Easy twist screw chuck holds blade securely in place, fingertip swivel head for greater control, 5 heat treaded blades, ergonomic handle for rapid rotation, greater comfort and control; precision screwdriver for mechanics, technicians, jewelers and do-it-yourselfers.  Includes one each: 1/16", 5/64" and 3/32", Slotted Tips are #00 Cross Point Tip and T-6 Torx Tip..
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Cell Phone Screwdriver 1.5"

2167237 Available: 5
Our T6 Cell Phone Screwdriver reflects the most common size driver used when changing batteries and swapping faceplates, or repairing cell phones.  The handle s free spinning cap allows for precise, fingertip control during installation and removal of the screw.
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Jewelers Screwdriver Set 5pc

M6225267 Available: 5
The Screwdriver and Hobby Kit includes five interchangeable blades and a heavy duty knurled handle.  Loaded with our most popular jeweler s-sized Slotted and Phillips tips and a scratch awl, this modestly priced set is great for model making and other small-scale applications.
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General Tools 500 Cordless Power Precision Screwdriver

M6225272 Available: 2
This groundbreaking precision screwdriver is the perfect tool for on-the-go technicians, hobbyists and anyone who works with computers, electronics, small parts and micro assemblies. The pen-size Model 500 is superbly functional in design and comes complete with six interchangeable driver tips. It features the exclusive 100+ RPM Super Micro-Torque drive motor, forward and reverse controls, and a 4mm chuck that allows for effortless swapping between Slotted, Phillips and Torx bits. An ergonomic handle design provides multiple grip positions to accommodate a variety of working situations.

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Pocket Mini Screwdriver

M6227425 Available: 12
Our 4-in-1 Mini Screwdriver utilizes a unique blade carrier system for on-the-fly tip changes.  Two double-ended blades provide a broad range of options when working with miniature Slotted and Phillips fasteners.  The convenient pocket clip makes the 4-in-1 Mini Screwdriver a great companion when working in the field.
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Precision Screwdriver Set 5 Piece

M6865203 Available: 3
Our UltraTECH Precision Screwdriver Sets were assembled in conjunction with industry tradesmen to offer the most comprehensive and reliable solutions. This five-piece set includes Slotted and Phillips screwdrivers in two distinct handle sizes.  The color-coded ring on each screwdriver helps you to easily identify the blade type when working arduously in the field.
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