Hand Tools

Steel Claw Rip Hammer 16OZ

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Forged one piece head and handle,Nylon - vinyl shock reduction grip,Permanently molded and bonded to handle,Reduces vibration up to 50%,SIZE 16 Oz.,LENGTH 12-1/2"
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Rock Pick 22OZ

20292 Available: 8
Head and handle are forged in one piece and have a fully polished head with one pointed end and a bonded and molded shock reduction grip that reduces vibrations caused by impact.
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Estwing Shingle Hatchet

20306 Available: 2
Estwing's Solid Steel Milled Face Shingler's Hammer has a fully polished head and handle neck, molded on nylon vinyl grip and a retractable cutting blade. Adjustable for 4", 5", 5-5/8" exposure. Cuts and trims all types of composition shingles, standard and metric. Forged, one piece, solid steel to eliminate loose heads. Nylon vinyl grip bonded to handle for comfort and duability. Fully polished with new slotted retractable and replaceable cutting blade.
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Stanley Tools Wood Block Plane 1-5/8" x 7"

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Cutter rests at a 21 degree angle, ideal for cross-grain planing with adjustments for depth of cut and alignment. Gray, cast-iron base with machined sides sides and bottom. Durable epoxy coating and finger rest at front of plane.
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Framing Hammer 22OZ

21172 Available: 3
Forged one-piece solid steel construction,Nylon cushion safety grip molded to handle,Straight claw,SIZE 22 Oz.,LENGTH 16"
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12" Iron Pipe Wrench

21621 Available: 2
Heavy-Duty Straight Pipe Wrench - Replaceable jaws of hardened alloy steel. Full floating hook jaw gives instant grip and release. Handy pipe scale and easy-to-spin adjusting nut. Comfort-grip, malleable iron I-beam handle. - Wrench Size: 12", Maximum Jaw Capacity: 2", Jaw Material: Forged Steel, Handle Material: Cast Iron, Weight: 2-3/4 lb, Pkg Qty: 1
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Tongue and Groove Pliers 16"

21692 Available: 6
Right angle teeth grip in all directions,Undercut tongue and groove won't slip,Fastener eliminates nut & bolt failure,Reinforcing edge minimizes stress breakage,Channellock blue comfort grips,All in clamshell pack except 20"-vinyl pouch,SIZE 16",CAPACITY 4-1/4"
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Professional Smooth Face Framing Hammer 16"

23507 Available: 3
Triple zone heat treated face-eye-claw,White straight grain hickory handle,Straight claw,Fully polished,Triple wedge head to handle,Handle length-16",SIZE 20 Oz.,DESC Plain Face
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Wire Rope & Cable Cutter

23661 Available: 1
Top quality, pocket size cutter with shear cut blades for use on 3/16" hard wire rope or cable, 1/4" soft wire rope or cable, piano wire, or aircraft cable. Weighs 1lb. Coated steel handle. Not for use on any cutters on energized circuits, wire, or cable.
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3 Pound Drilling Hammer

23722 Available: 5
Forged in one piece with a blue UV coating, both faces are fully polished, bonded and molded shock reduction grip reduces vibrations caused by impact; permits heavy blows with limited swing.
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Rip Claw Hammer 20 OZ

24237 Available: 2
Fully polished, forged one-piece solid steel construction to eliminate loose heads. Nylon vinyl deep cushion grips bonded to steel handle for comfort and durability.
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Grip It Strap Wrench 12"

25179 Available: 3
Klein S-12H Grip-It 12" Strap Wrench w/1-1/2"to 5" Capacity
The Klein S12H is a grip-it strap wrench.
This wrench has a diameter capacity of 1-1/2-Inch to 5-Inch.
The handle is 12-Inch long.
This wrench is a completely adjustable strap wrench, and it works in the tightest quarters.  It features a urethane-covered, high-strength belting attached to a lightweight, I-beam handle. It has a patented, cam-action design that permits uniform, high-torque application.  Under normal conditions, this wrench will not scratch, damage or deform polished pipe
fittings, plastic pipe and fittings, oil and water filters, glass pipe, PVC conduit, and polished shafts.  It also works on alternator belts, flywheels and propeller assemblies.
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