Levels & Measuring Tools

Aluminum Straight Edge Level 48"

20286 Available: 9
Made of flexible and strong tempered aluminum with a permanently anodized finish. Screen printed black, thermal-bonded graduations in 1/8 and 1/16" on both edges and can be read from either end.
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Stanley Handyman Square 16 in. X 24 in.

20468 Available: 2
This Steel Carpenter's Square has a body length of 24" x 2" and a tongue length of 16" x 1-1/2". English. 1/8" Graduations on face and back. High-quality hardened steel for durability and long life. Embossed graduations for easy reading on face and back. Reverse reading scale makes measuring more efficient. Treated with a clear, protective finish that resists rust.
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Speed Square 7"

20474 Available: 2
Aluminum alloy construction,Includes rafter tables & conversion charts,Instruction booklet included,S0107 also used for laying out steps,SIZE 7"
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Squangle 10231

20484 Available: 3
10 different tools in 1 with all the -,features of a square, rafter square, -,protractor, level, T-square, sight plumb, -,straight edge, layout jig, pitch finder -,and ruler,Thumbscrews tighten to 45-90 deg. angles,Anodized aluminum with plastic arm
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Pencil Compass & Scriber 843/1

20850 Available: 15
Designed for marking contours & circles,Positive wingnut adjustment,Full-length hardened steel pin in metal frame,Constructed of brass plated steel
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Dixon Lumber Crayons Yellow

20852 Available: 35
Extruded lumber crayons last up to 10 times longer than ordinary molded wax crayons. Fade proof, water proof, smear proof; won't melt in direct sunlight. Will work on wet (green) lumber or dry wood, metal, concrete and most other surfaces. Hex shaped 4-1/2"x1/2" to fit lumber crayon holders.One dozen per box.
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C.H. Hanson Lumber Crayon Holder 1/2 in. X 4-7/8 in.

20855 Available: 3
Fits all round or hexagonal crayons or markers, 1/2" diameter. Polished walnut handle, metal chuck, hole for wrist strap.
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Irwin Chalkline Reel 100' 3pk

20860 Available: 2
Heavy-duty case made of durable aluminum alloy,Steel plated hook & large grip anchor ring -,provide better holding power,Retractable self-locking metal handle allows -,reel to be used as a plumb bob,Twisted cotton line holds more chalk,Nylon slide-fill opening,Holds approximately 2 oz. of chalk,SIZE 100 Ft.
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Hexagon Steel Plumb Bob 5oz

20877 Available: 4
Our Steel Plumb Bobs feature a hexagonal body of cold-drawn steel with nickel plating.  Each item includes a 10ft braided cord and a removable cap for adjusting and replacing the cord.  Available in three sizes.
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 Magnetic Stud Finder 1-3/8"

20887 Available: 2
Locates wall studs easily,Grooved base for precise marking
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Flex Precision Stainless Steel Ruler 6"

20889 Available: 2
Polished 6" ruler features ultra-fine graduations that mark 1/64" increments for precise measurements. Standard and metric scales are perfect for a variety of tasks. Convenient pocket clip aids portability. Plastic sleeve provides a secure way to protect the stainless steel ruler.
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Flat Read Wood Folding Ruler 6FT

20899 Available: 2
Marked both sides, both edges. Graduated to 1/16ths both edges; 16" stud centers marked in red. Regular outside markings. For rules with inside markings, numbering begins on inside of rule with measurement laying close to work.
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