Levels & Measuring Tools

Pencil Compass & Scriber 843/1

20850 Available: 16
Designed for marking contours & circles,Positive wingnut adjustment,Full-length hardened steel pin in metal frame,Constructed of brass plated steel
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Hexagon Steel Plumb Bob 5oz

20877 Available: 2
Our Steel Plumb Bobs feature a hexagonal body of cold-drawn steel with nickel plating.  Each item includes a 10ft braided cord and a removable cap for adjusting and replacing the cord.  Available in three sizes.
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Flex Precision Stainless Steel Ruler 6"

20889 Available: 11
Polished 6" ruler features ultra-fine graduations that mark 1/64" increments for precise measurements. Standard and metric scales are perfect for a variety of tasks. Convenient pocket clip aids portability. Plastic sleeve provides a secure way to protect the stainless steel ruler.
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General Tools 729 Stainless Steel Slide Caliper 4"

20969 Available: 7
Delivers the same accuracy and precision as some larger models. Compact, stainless steel construction these Slide Calipers provide inside and outside readings in both 1/16" and 1mm graduations. In addition, there is a decimal equivalents chart on the caliper?s back side for help in making measurement calculations. Etched and filled black graduations.
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General Tools Flat Leg Inside Calipers 454 6"

20980 Available: 4
For gauging inner diameters and transferring measurements to a ruler. Hardened and tempered bow springs assure uniform tension without side play. Adjusting screw has self-seating washer and nut for quick adjustments. Legs made from special caliper steel with hardened measurement points. Conforms to government specifications GGG-C-95.
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Square Head Protractor With 6" Arm

20990 Available: 7
Made of ground stainless steel for optimum accuracy. Permanently etched graduations from 0 degree to 180 degrees in opposite directions. Adjustable 6" protractor arm locks into desired position with knurled thumb nut with 3-3/8" x 2" head.
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General Tools 102 Adjustable Utility Micrometers 0-1"/.001"

20991 Available: 2
Satin chrome barrel and thimble with etched black graduations. Ground and polished carbide measuring faces. Spindle lock for repetitive measurements. Guaranteed accuracy to .001". Used in applications such as hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers or in machine,tool and automotive shops. Includes: spanner wrench for simple zero adjustments and a decimal equivalent chart.
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General Tools 524 Ruler Precision Trammel Set

20992 Available: 1
The Precision Trammel Set attaches easily to a large rule or yard stick for expeditious marking of arcs and circles.  The set includes two scriber points and two pencils points, with storage in the body.  The steel features a reversible point for safe storage within the body.
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 English & Metric Plastic Dial Caliper 6"

21453 Available: 2
Free wheeling friction roller for accuracy. State-of-art reinforced plastic. Measuring capacity 0 - 6". Contrasting color coded dial. Graduated in .01 and 64ths. Measures inside, outside, depth & step readings. Fractional conversion table on back. Packaged in reusable plastic hang-up case.
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Tungsten Carbide Scriber & Magnet 88cm

26312 Available: 4
Carbide tip marks hard materials. Marks hardened steel, ceramics & glass. Alnico magnet picks up small parts. Scriber point reverses for safety.
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English & Metric Pocket Sliding Bar Caliper 3"

26321 Available: 7
Delivers accurate measurements up to 1/32". The stainless steel body delivers both Metric and English readings of inside and outside measurements. There is also a decimal equivalents chart printed on the back side for help with calculations. Etched and filled black graduations.
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General Tools & Instruments 16ME Multi Use Ruler and Gage

26322 Available: 6
Five distinct features including a Drill Point Gage, Bevel Protractor, Center Finder, Circle Divider and a Tap and Drill Table. Made from heavy duty stainless steel and also includes a 4" rule with etched graduations in 64ths and millimeters.
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