Pencil Compass & Scriber 843/1

20850 Available: 15
Designed for marking contours & circles,Positive wingnut adjustment,Full-length hardened steel pin in metal frame,Constructed of brass plated steel
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General Tools 729 Stainless Steel Slide Caliper 4"

20969 Available: 7
Delivers the same accuracy and precision as some larger models. Compact, stainless steel construction these Slide Calipers provide inside and outside readings in both 1/16" and 1mm graduations. In addition, there is a decimal equivalents chart on the caliper?s back side for help in making measurement calculations. Etched and filled black graduations.
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General Tools Vernier Caliper 5 in.

20970 Available: 1
The General Tools and Instruments 722 Vernier Caliper deliver the accuracy and precision you desire without cutting into your budget. The solid steel design provides a range of 5-Inch and can take outside, inside and depth measurements. The smooth-action thumb roller allows you to dial in on the correct measurement by advancing and retracting the slide with precision. There is also a frame lock for taking repetitive measurements. This high-quality vernier caliper provides both Metric and English readouts as small as 1/128-Inch (.1mm), and the slide bar is graduated in 1/16-Inch and 1mm increments.
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General Tools Flat Leg Inside Calipers 454 6"

20980 Available: 4
For gauging inner diameters and transferring measurements to a ruler. Hardened and tempered bow springs assure uniform tension without side play. Adjusting screw has self-seating washer and nut for quick adjustments. Legs made from special caliper steel with hardened measurement points. Conforms to government specifications GGG-C-95.
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 English & Metric Plastic Dial Caliper 6"

21453 Available: 2
Free wheeling friction roller for accuracy. State-of-art reinforced plastic. Measuring capacity 0 - 6". Contrasting color coded dial. Graduated in .01 and 64ths. Measures inside, outside, depth & step readings. Fractional conversion table on back. Packaged in reusable plastic hang-up case.
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Johnson Magnetic Angle Locator

25865 Available: 1
The Johnson Level & Tool Magnetic Angle Locator is designed for plumbing, electrical, or HVAC work that demands strong, magnetic contact with pipe, conduit, or other ferrous surfaces for accurate angle identification. It is built for durability and easy use, with a high-impact, plastic body in high-visibility orange and a clear, acrylic lens with easy-to-read increments in 0 to 90 degrees in 4 quadrants. Its V-grooved edge accommodates pipe and conduit, and it features an extra-strong, permanent ceramic magnet. The angle locator includes convenient metric rule on one edge and English rule on the other.
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English & Metric Pocket Sliding Bar Caliper 3"

26321 Available: 7
Delivers accurate measurements up to 1/32". The stainless steel body delivers both Metric and English readings of inside and outside measurements. There is also a decimal equivalents chart printed on the back side for help with calculations. Etched and filled black graduations.
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Pencil Compass Divider & Scriber

26329 Available: 10
The Precision Pencil Compass is a robust scribing and marking tool with a jaw capacity of up to 9 .  The fulcrum spring handle makes this tool great for making contours, circles and edge marks.  A carpenter s favorite.
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Digital Fractional Caliper 6"

2133429 Available: 3
Three universal systems of measurement. The high-contrast digital display easily switches between inches, millimeters and fractions, with guaranteed accuracy to 0.001". In addition, the rugged stainless steel design delivers accurate readings of inside, outside, step and depth measurements. Flashing display indicates low battery. Includes: a foam padded plastic case for safe storage when not in use.
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Robert Larson Center Finder

2150076 Available: 1
-Round stock capacity 8"
-Octagon stock capacity 8"
-Hexagon stock capacity 5 3/4"
-Square capacity 8"
-Handy for all woodworkers
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Johnson T-Bevel with Hardwood Handle

2189587 Available: 1
8" Heavy duty adjustable stainless steel blade will not rust or corrode. Carbonized bamboo handle with routed hand grip. Stainless steel edging on handle. High-torque locking lever holds blade securely in place.
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General Tools Brass Stair Gauge Set 803

2189892 Available: 4
Easy attachment to any rafter square. Use for angle cuts on rafters, or stair stringers. Can also be used as security stops on window or door metal channels.
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