Hexagon Steel Plumb Bob 5oz

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Our Steel Plumb Bobs feature a hexagonal body of cold-drawn steel with nickel plating.  Each item includes a 10ft braided cord and a removable cap for adjusting and replacing the cord.  Available in three sizes.
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General Tools Brass Plumb Bob 32oz.

M6104525 Available: 2
Replacement point for 800 series Brass Plumb Bobs.  Made of hardened steel.
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Brass Plumb Bob 12 oz

M6201440 Available: 2
Machined of solid brass that is fully polished and lacquered; hardened steel point is replaceable and accurate to within 1/100". Removable self-centering cord cap accepts 5/64" braided cord. Conforms to government specifications GGG-P-501e.
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