Levels & Measuring Tools

Dewalt XTL Exact Length Level 48-79"

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Three chamber rectangular aluminum profile with reinforcing ribs. Two coated measuring surfaces. Suitable for overhead (vial down) measurement. Extendable spirit level that adjusts to fill the frame of almost any door or window installation.
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Dewalt Auto Level Kit DW096

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A dependable, contractor-grade instrument, the DeWalt DW096PK 26X Automatic Optical Level delivers 1/32-inch accuracy at 100 feet to save you time and make surveying, leveling, and grading tasks easier. Whether you're using it for landscaping work, road construction, or to check the precision of concrete forms, this unit offers easy set-up with a broad base and self-leveling performance. Powerful 26X magnification lets you work across distances of 300 feet or more, while a double-hung, magnetically dampened compensator that offers an automatic locking mechanism means you can rely on this level to provide easy-operation and excellent accuracy over time. This kit also includes a durable, lightweight aluminum tripod, an eight-foot aluminum grade rod, a plumb bob, and a kit box to protect the laser during transport and store age, so you'll have everything you need to get to work.
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Dewalt Green Cross Line Laser 12V

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This 12V Green Cross Line Laser (DW088LG) from DEWALT(R) is excellent for various leveling and layout applications. The self leveling cross lines project bright crossing horizontal and vertical lines, and it's also 4 times brighter for visibility in long range interior applications and exterior visibility.  The integrated magnetic bracket with 1/4" and 5/8" thread allows flush attachment to metal track and steel. It also has a locking pendulum to help prevent damage to internal components.
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 Inspection Camera Kit 12V

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Camera features a wireless 3.5-inch LCD screen that is removable to provide visibility in tight areas, a waterproof, 3' cable and the ability to instantly capture videos and photos, offers increased visibility with a 3x zoom capability. Includes:  (1) 12V Max battery, hook and magnet tools to aid in retrieval of objects.
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