Watering & Irrigation

Male Hose Connector 3/4"x 3/4"

47042 Available: 15
Hose thread to Hose thread. Thread size 3/4'' NH x 3/4'' NH
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Gilmour Heavy Duty Brass Hose End Cap

47044 Available: 49
Heavy-duty brass construction. Fits any standard male hose end.
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Rain Pulse Sprinkler

70073 Available: 2
This plastic rain pulse sprinkler features circular spray pattern up to 85-feet diameter. Impact resistant plastic head. Plastic series connection spike base. The connection spike base includes full or part circle spray pattern adjustment and water-saver arm.
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Behrens Metal Watering Can 2 Gallon

70334 Available: 48
Behrens 2-Gallon hot dipped steel Watering can gives you the strength and durability of steel with a Vintage/classic look. the steel won't absorb odors, won't rust and is fully recyclable.
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Orbit Cyclone II Sprinkler

71220 Available: 2
This medium-duty, metal whirling sprinkler's upward spray is ideal for watering plants and covers small areas up to 1,225 sq.-feet Features silver finish with brass cap, durable metal base that resists tipping, and quick-connect system.
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Gilmour Poly Y with Shutoff

71463 Available: 42
Twin shut-off valves control water for  two hoses. Cap type valve handles resist breakage and longer legs prevent hose kinks at faucet. Full ball & retainer rings reduce leakage. Durable, rustproof polymer construction. NOT recommended for hot water use.
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Nelson Plastic Hose End Cap 2pk

72014 Available: 6
Seals hoses or adapters,Impact resistant plastic,Fits standard hoses & outdoor watering products,2 per blister card
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Gilmour Hose Quick Connector Set

72372 Available: 21
Easily connects hose to sprinkler nozzle or other hose end accessories.
Set includes 1 female hose end connector with shut-off and 2 male hose end adapters.
Durable impact resistant rust proof polymer construction.
Interchangeable with most polymer quick connector systems.
Great Quality
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Sprinkler Ring Base 1/2"

72576 Available: 2
This 1/2-Inch Lawn Sprinkler Stand features a heavy-duty 15-inch base to accommodate all 1/2-inch impulse sprinklers. This base will not tip over. A perfect remedy for unstable sprinklers or stiff hoses. Yard Butler guarantees all Yard Butler tools for life against any defects in manufacturing or materials.
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Pattern Master Sprinkler

72855 Available: 12
Create your own sprinkler pattern,Patented design with programming disc adjusts -,up or down at 12 points within single rotation,Rotation control: adjust trip lever & collars -,for full or partial coverage up to 5,800 sq. ft.,Special speed control for even coverage,Durable sled base provides stability,Impact resistant, rustproof polymer construction
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Lewis Deep Root Irrigator 36 Inch

73393 Available: 5
Yard Butler WST-1 Deep Root Irrigator. Delivers water directly to the root zone of trees and shrubs. Saves water by eliminating wasteful runoff or evaporation. Encourages deep root growth. Easily attaches to a water-soluble hose end sprayer for use as a root feeder. Drills its own holes, avoiding digging Leaves beneficial aeration holes. Dozens of additional uses as a water blaster.
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Gilmour Flexogen Hose 3/4"X100'

73487 Available: 34
Premium duty - double polyester reinforced -,cord construction, the best hose you'll ever buy,Burst strength up to 500 PSI,Steel couplers are 60% stronger than brass,Ultra flexible with kink resistance,All-weather performance - lifetime guarantee,SIZE 3/4"x 100 Ft.,COLOR Gray
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