Rain Pulse Sprinkler

70073 Available: 18
This plastic rain pulse sprinkler features circular spray pattern up to 85-feet diameter. Impact resistant plastic head. Plastic series connection spike base. The connection spike base includes full or part circle spray pattern adjustment and water-saver arm.

Lewis Deep Root Irrigator 36 Inch

73393 Available: 2
Yard Butler WST-1 Deep Root Irrigator. Delivers water directly to the root zone of trees and shrubs. Saves water by eliminating wasteful runoff or evaporation. Encourages deep root growth. Easily attaches to a water-soluble hose end sprayer for use as a root feeder. Drills its own holes, avoiding digging Leaves beneficial aeration holes. Dozens of additional uses as a water blaster.

Pipe Thread Swivel 1/2" Tee

76700 Available: 6
For use with 1/2'' (.620''-.630'' O.D.) hose only. Washer included. 3/4" pipe thread swivel x 1/2'' compression tee.

Hose End Plug with Cap 1/2 in.

76703 Available: 51
Use to close off ends and flush hose,For water pressures up to 60 PSI,Color coded rings for easy identification,SIZE 1/2" / Green,QTY/PACK 1 per Card

Raindrip Tube End Clamp 1/4 Inch 5 Count

76705 Available: 34
Used to shut off the end of 1/4" tubing. Removes easily.

Compression Couplings 1/2"

76706 Available: 69
Made from ABS - for water pressures up to 60 PSI,Color coded ends for easy size identification,1/2" coupling for 1/2" (.620"-.630"O.D.) hose ,5/8" coupling for 5/8" (.690"-.700"O.D.) hose,.710" coupling for .710" O.D. hose ,Compression ring color codes are:,1/2"-Green, 5/8"-Black and .710-Blue,SIZE 1/2",QTY/PACK 2 per Card

Raindrip Drip Swivel Adapter 1/2x3/4 Inch

76707 Available: 91
Connects 1/2" poly hose to faucet or other -,3/4" male hose thread - includes filter washer,Use to join tubing to threaded adapter,Can be used to attach a manifold line to-,water source,Can be used with RainDrip anti-siphons, -,pressure regulators, "Y' filters and -,automatic timers,SIZE 3/4"HTx 1/2",QTY/PACK 1 per Card

Barbed Connector 1/4"

76708 Available: 37
1/4" double barbed connector for use with 1/4" ,(.160" I.D.) tube only,Double barb design allows water pressure -,up to 50 PSI,SIZE 1/4",QTY/PACK 5 per Card

Tubing Support Clamp 1/2 Inch

76709 Available: 11
Designed to keep low-flowing watering lines where you want them. For fastening 1/2''-5/8'' hose to posts, beams, decks, patios and walls.

Compression Tees 1/2"

76710 Available: 23
For use with 1/2" (.690"-.700" O.D.) hose only,Color coded: green compression rings,SIZE 1/2",QTY/PACK 2 per Card

Raindrip Hose End Clamp 1/2 Inch

76711 Available: 21
Closes off ends of tubing and hose,SIZE 1/2" Hose,QTY/PACK 5 per Card

Barbed Tees 1/4"

76712 Available: 24
1/4" double barbed tee for use with 1/4" -,(.160" I.D.) tube only,Creates a 1/4" branch from a 1/4" tube -,or two 1/4' branches from a 1/2" hose,For water pressures up to 50 PSI,SIZE 1/4",QTY/PACK 5 per Card