Drip Systems & Soakers

Orbit Hose Guide Zinc Spike

M7041334 Available: 16
The Hose Guide protects your plants and shrubs by channeling the hose around the individual guides. Simply place the spikes in the ground in a path you would like the hose to follow. The unique design prevents hose from slipping out.
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 Universal Soaker Tubing 60'

M7041341 Available: 9
Ideal for vegetables & closely spaced plants,Watering provides full length, slow, steady flow,For above or below ground installation,Laser drilled slots spaced every 6",Use in conjunction with drip materials,Waters 0.25 GPH every 5 ft at 25 PSI,A single 1/4" soaker line should not -,exceed 15 feet,SIZE 1/4" x 60 Ft.,COLOR Black
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Orbit Porous Soaker Tube 1/4"x100'

M7041342 Available: 5
Orbit DripMaster Porous Soaker Tubing 1/4"x100'
1/4-inch by 100-feet porous soaker tubing is ideal for watering flowerbeds, closely planted areas, potted plants and vegetable gardens. Soaker watering provides full length, slow and steady flow. Its design makes for fast and easy installation and it saves water in drought conditions.
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Orbit Gear Drive Sprinkler Spike

M7041392 Available: 15
Orbit H2O Six Gear Drive Sprinkler Spike
The H2O Six has six spray patterns that are easy to adjust. Simply rotate the head and click the pattern into position; no tools required! Highlights: Six Spray Patterns: small, medium, large, vertical, flow & mist. Whisper-Quiet, Long-Life Operation. Unique Design - Outperforms the competition! 360-Degree Coverage- Easy-adjust tabs make it simple. High-Impact Construction - Durable for years of use. Flow-Through Spike Base - Connect multiple sprinklers in a series. 3 position diffuser for each pattern allows complete spray control.
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