Sprinklers & Sprayer Nozzles

Orbit Zinc Circle Spray Sprinkler

70699 Available: 35
Zinc circle spray covers an area up to 30 feet in diameter
Durable metal construction with a design that works well for spot watering the lawn
Works on high or low water pressures

Orbit Zinc Square Spray Sprinkler

70702 Available: 25
Square spray covers an area up to 30 ft. dia.,Durable metal construction with a design that -,works well for spot watering the lawn,Works on high or low water pressures

Orbit Cyclone II Sprinkler

71220 Available: 11
This medium-duty, metal whirling sprinkler's upward spray is ideal for watering plants and covers small areas up to 1,225 sq.-feet Features silver finish with brass cap, durable metal base that resists tipping, and quick-connect system.

Gilmour Pistol Grip Nozzle Metal

72544 Available: 25
Solid metal body nozzle with male threaded front,Solid brass valve stem with permanent -,adjusting nut,Hold-open clip for continuous spraying,Rust resistant stainless steel spring,Self-adjusting "duck" packing for lifetime -,leakproof seal

Sprinkler Ring Base 1/2"

72576 Available: 2
This 1/2-Inch Lawn Sprinkler Stand features a heavy-duty 15-inch base to accommodate all 1/2-inch impulse sprinklers. This base will not tip over. A perfect remedy for unstable sprinklers or stiff hoses. Yard Butler guarantees all Yard Butler tools for life against any defects in manufacturing or materials.

Pattern Master Sprinkler

72855 Available: 5
Create your own sprinkler pattern,Patented design with programming disc adjusts -,up or down at 12 points within single rotation,Rotation control: adjust trip lever & collars -,for full or partial coverage up to 5,800 sq. ft.,Special speed control for even coverage,Durable sled base provides stability,Impact resistant, rustproof polymer construction

Gilmour Spikebase Lawn Sprinkler

7021587 Available: 4
Heavy-duty zinc construction. Step for ease in positioning. Flow through feature for extended use or polymer cap for standard use. Metal screen filter prevents clogging.

Mintcraft Pulsating Sprinkler

7021595 Available: 20
Mintcraft Pulsating Metal Sprinkler with Step Spike
Adjustable head. From partial to full circle. Constructed of heavy duty non-corrosive zinc and brass. Provides full uniform coverage up to 60' in diameter.

Comfort Grip Nozzle

7023393 Available: 21
Die-cast zinc body,Stylized soft vinyl grip,Grip is molded directly on nozzle body

Gilmour Comfort Grip Nozzle 594

7038995 Available: 84
5-position dial with 7 spray pattern nozzle,From mist to gentle action to full action with-,cone, sharp stream and full flow,Hold-open clip for continuous spraying,Rust resistant stainless steel spring,Self-adjusting "duck" packing for lifetime -,leakproof seal - H-D die cast metal body,All brass valve stem w/permanent adjusting nut

Dramm Plastic Waterbreaker 400

7162407 Available: 6
Professional water breaker
Fast, full flow for quick watering
Gentle shower will not damage or flatten plants
Highly durable cycolac plastic with stainless steel disc
Manufactured in the U.S.A

Gilmour Threaded Pistol Nozzle Zinc

7165657 Available: 9
Insulated molded grip for spraying hot or cold,Male hose threaded front for attaching access.,Rubber head guard to protect threads,Solid brass valve stem with adjusting nut,Hold-open clip for continuous spray,Rust resistant stainless steel spring,Heavy-duty, full size, die cast zinc body