Insect & Pest Control

Raid Fumigator 3pk .35OZ

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Raid, 3 Pack, .35 OZ, Fumigator, Unique Smoke Penetrates Hidden Areas Behind Household Walls & Surfaces, Leaves A Clean Fresh Scent With No Oily Residue.
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Burgess Propane Insect Fogger

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Ideal for backyard, camping and picnics. Eliminates annoying flies and mosquitos. Keeps flying insects away from picnics and barbecues for up to 6 hours. Enjoy the outdoors more around pool, patio and deck. As easy as strolling the yard. Completely portable. Insecticide sold separately.
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Raid Ant Bait 4pk

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Raid Ant Bait uses Abamectin, an ant-poisonous chemical that the ants take back with them causing the worker ants and queen to also eat it and eventually be out of your way.
Simply set bait and let the ants do the rest!
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Raid Flying Insect Spray 18oz

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Raid, 18 OZ, Flying Insect Killer, Fast Knockdown Of Flies, Mosquitoes & A Variety Of Household Insects, Bonus Can 20% More Free.
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Raid Ant & Roach 17.5oz

70726 Available: 17
Kills on contact with no lingering chemical odor.  Keeps killing bugs for up to 4 weeks. Contains quick killing pyrethrum. Use broad spray patterns for good surface coverage.  Use directly on roaches as well as hiding spots. Works on Asian Lady Beetles, spiders & crickets. Provides relief from even the heaviest infestations of roaches and ants for up to 30 weeks. Kills instantly. Also kills resistant roaches those immune to ordinary insecticide. Contains Cylathrin.
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Willert Wire Mesh Fly Swatter

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Get rid of pest in your home while being environmentally conscious of the environment with this handy fly swatter. Enoz fly swatters are made with a flexible handle and are properly vented so that you can hit fast moving objects. Great for your pest control.
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Gopher Trap Victor

70733 Available: 4
Sturdy, quick-action trap,Preassembled,Galvanized finish,Easy to set,DESC Bulk Dsp Bx
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Victor Metal Mouse Trap 2pk

70736 Available: 421
The original wood-based wire snap trap with metal trip pedal. Made with FSC certified wood. Clean and quick trapping. Ideal for runway trapping. Can be used around food, water, children and pets. Made in the USA
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Hot Shot No Pest Strip

71129 Available: 49
Kills flying and crawling bugs,No odor,Just hang in the basement, attic and garage,Lasts 4 months
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Raid Yard Guard 16oz Spray

71138 Available: 9
Fogging action, up to 6 hours of protection,Kills bugs up to 20 feet away,For use in backyards, patios & picnic areas,Outdoor use only,SIZE 19 Oz.
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Victor Easy Set Mouse Trap 2 Pack

71301 Available: 487
Wood bases with easy to set trigger. Clean and quick trapping. Oversized plastic pedal and no bait required. Resembles Swiss cheese in appearance & scent. 2 Pack.
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Bonide Sulfur Dust Fungicide 1lb

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LB, Sulfur Dust, For Disease Control On Certain Ornamentals & Fruit Trees, Also Use As A Soil Supplement To Acidify The Soil, Decrease pH, Micronized For Best Coverage When Used As A Dust For Disease Control.
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