Hand Tools

Esschert Dibber Bulb Planter

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This dibber is the perfect tool to make easy work of planting seeds or bulbs. T-handle for ease of use and consistent hole depth. Wooden handle. Leather loop for storage.
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Esschert Dibber Wood

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Our Secrets du Potager line is for those who are passionate about gardening, cooking and entertaining and have an eye for detail. Discover the potential of your garden and patio or create a kitchen garden with the help of our growing sets. Tend your plants with love and care and enjoy the fruits of your harvest. Experience the atmosphere and fragrances of your kitchen garden with our unique patio and table giftware. Tending your garden calls for passion and time. To help make your gardening easier, we offer you a series of practical utensils for cultivating and tending your kitchen garden and plants. You will love them and the work will be almost effortless. Growing your own plants, vegetables and herbs is a true delight. From tiny seeds, small plants quickly form and during these early stages, the seedlings require some special maintenance and care. During the propagation and growth these tools, which are aimed for working with small plants, are on hand to help. When planting small seedlings or flower bulbs in the ground, it is important that you plant them at the right depth. This dibber has a printed scale that is a great help
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Esschert Canvas Garden Tool Belt

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Conveniently strap all your hand tools on your waist so you have them when you need them. One size fits most belt includes a multi pocket pouch for holding tools, pens, plant markers, and more. Durable canvas. Tan and green.
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Esschert Round Garden Tool Bag

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Canvas Round Tool Bag will hold all your necessary hand tools for gardening and collect your trimmings or weeds as well! Sturdy handle for added portability.
Tools not included.
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Esschert Garden Tool Sheath

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Canvas Tool Sheath by Esschert design is as practical as it is attractive. No more shoving sharp objects in your back pocket while working in the yard! Strap this durable canvas sheath on your belt and keep your favorite tool right where you need it.
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