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Miller 10 Frame Complete Hive

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10-frame standard langstroth hive, made of unfinished pine. Precision-milled interlocking box joints for maximum strength. Black foundation installed for easier view of hive activity. Metal frame rest for easier removal of frames, vented inner cover to reduce condensation. Telescoping outer cover with weather-resistant aluminum top. Screened bottom board with grip to measure mite presence.
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Little Giant Bee Jacket Med

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Made of 100% cotton, this generously cut deluxe Jacket comes with a self-supporting domed veil. The veil is attached with a heavy-duty two-way cloth zipper that allows it to be easily removed. The collapsible veil does not need to be fully removed it can also hang behind like a hood. The Jacket features a hook and loop Patch at the front of the neck opening which secures the veil/Jacket connection for extra protection from stray bees. Elastic wrist cuffs and waistband keep out the bees. It features four roomy front pockets that can hold our little Giant bee log or other items. On each sleeve there is an additional pocket which is the perfect size for a hive tool. A great alternative for someone who does not want to wear a full bee suit when inspecting hives. One Jacket and veil per package.
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Alpine Antique Ceramic Birdbath Turqouise

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Perfect for out in your garden or near your favorite gathering spot, this birdbath brings timeless beauty to your Outdoor Decor.
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