Snow Shovels & Pushers

AMES Aluminum Ergo Snow Lifter 18"

75309 Available: 46
18" aluminum blade has wear strip that is -,great for chipping away at packed snow,Ergonomic steel core handle provides 15% -,more lifting leverage,Aluminum blade is lightweight & rust-proof,SIZE 18",COLOR Blue
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Snow Lifter w/Erconomic Handle 18"

7200439 Available: 53
Extra wide D-grip for maximum comfort with gloved hands. Artic Blast durable steel core ergonomic d-handle for strength and durability. Poly blade with steel wear strip. Quick-connect system for secure handle attachment.
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Penguin Poly Snow Pusher 24"

M7320655 Available: 41
VersaGrip handle provides maximum comfort and versatility for those tough snow removal jobs. Handle also accommodates multiple gloved hand positions. Steel core handle. No wearstrip.
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