Allied Floating Tank De-Icer 1500W

71252 Available: 3
Floating pond de-icer/heater; perfect for garden ponds
Keeps portion of pond surface free of ice; releases gases that might otherwise harm fish
1,500-watt motor; 6-foot power cord; requires standard 110-volt household electricity
Thermostatically-controlled; automatic shutoff; rugged, plastic housing; patented design
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Allied Bucket Heater 1000 Watt

74140 Available: 2
Purpose of use for Farming, Livestock Care
This product is manufactured in United States
Designed to continuously heat buckets of water
1000 watt, 120 volt power will heat water over 150?
Ideal for use on cold winter days
Stainless steel guard
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Magna Torch Garden Torch

2064764 Available: 7
This self-lighting Mag-Torch outdoor garden torch is a versatile torch useful for a multitude of jobs around the yard. Can eliminate weeds without the use or need of chemicals. The 36" long reach fuel tube gives the user the ability to easily reach the ground, starting campfires and other outdoor fire pits with ease. In the winter this torch can be used to easily melt away ice and snow on the pathways, walkways and driveways. The "cane" shape and foam grip handle provide a comfortable grip for the user. Solid brass valve.
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Miller De Icer Snap On Guard

7044464 Available: 2
Can be used with the floating, sinking, or 2 in 1 de-icers
Specially designed to protect rubber, plastic, or structural foam tank
Made of galvanized wire
Safe for Plastic Containers
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Allied Precision Pail & Birdbath De-icer w/Guard

7045974 Available: 2
Allied Precision 250D 200-Watt Pail & Birdbath De-icer w/Guard
    * This submersible de-icer is perfect for buckets, pails, pans, or birdbaths
    * Comes with a stainless steel guard, six foot cord, cord chew protector, and built in thermostat
    * An adjustable clamp is also included, which allows the user to attach the de-icer to the water container
    * Will de-ice up to 15 gallons
    * Uses 200 watts and 120 volts
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Ames Welded Shank Scraper

7099666 Available: 4
Heavy-duty steel blade,Welded square shank and steel cap design,48" coated northern ash handle,BLADE 7 x 5"
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Razorback Socket Ice Scraper

7159908 Available: 5
Ideal for scraping ice and other encrusted materials form hard surfaces. -Blade Shape: Rectangular. -Blade Material: High Carbon Steel. -Handle Type: Straight. Product Type: -Scrapers. Dimensions: Overall Product Weight: -3.5 Pounds.
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Dupont Snow & Ice Teflon Spray 10oz

7226053 Available: 14
Repels snow from snow blower augers and chute
Keeps snow and ice from collecting on satellite dishes
Teflon enhanced silicone formula for maximum repellency
For best results, apply after each snow storm
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Sinking Tank De-Icer 1000W

7465594 Available: 2
Allied Precision 10N Sinking Stock Tank DeIcer 1000Watt 120V
This Sinking De-icer will sink to the bottom of the tank, and is thermostatically controlled with an automatic shut-off.
Since it operates at the bottom of the tank it is less likely to be disturbed by livestock.,   With the guard in place, the Sinking De-icer may be used in plastic tanks.
Each unit comes with a galvanized wire Guard
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Farm Innovators H-429 Submersible Tank Deicer 1500 Watt

M1048204 Available: 2
Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary. Designed to rest in the bottom of the tank unnoticed by livestock. Protective sturdy cage permits use in all tanks. Safe in plastic.
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Bully Steel Sidewalk Scraper

M1049129 Available: 1
Sidewalk scraper. Steel long handle. 11 gauge head: 6" x 7", handle: (from head) 50", tool length: 56" . Commercial Grade. Extra thick 11 gauge, all steel construction. 100 percent American made. Weighted for greater chopping power.
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Yeoman Forged Ice Scraper

M7320445 Available: 7
14-gauge, high carbon steel ice scraper
Blade is slightly riveted to a 2 piece socket
Riveted for extra strength
Yellow, non-stick epoxy coating
Handle size: 48"
BLADE: 4-3/4 x 7"
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