Electric Fence Supplies

Fi-Shock Multilight Electric Fence Tester

76693 Available: 2
Simple to operate. Specifies the output of a fencer or the voltage on an existing fence line. Used to determine if a fencer or fence line is providing adequate voltage to control livestock. The tester will read and indicate five different voltage levels, ranging from 600 to 5,500 volts, with a series of neon lights. Designed to use on either standard duty or low impedance fence controllers.
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Utility Electric Fence Tester

7185994 Available: 3
A light that indicates the current flow through fence wire
Molded of high impact ABS plastic
Have peace of mind knowing that your fence wire current is flowing properly, securing your livestock and other animals
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Woodstream Wrap Around T-Post Insulator

M7280143 Available: 2
Wrap around T-post insulator can be used with all fence wire except high tensile & poly tape
Allows user to insert wire at 45 deg. angle
Quick post installation - wrap around design
Use with 1.25 & 1.33 T-posts
Molded high quality polyethylene
25 insulator per bag
COLOR: Black
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Red Snap'r Corner Post Insulator

M7280175 Available: 7
Corner insulator
Use with all fence wire and poly rope
Use with low impedance controllers
Yellow Color
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Zareba T-Post Extender Insulators 5"

M7280200 Available: 2
Made of virgin, high impact polyethylene. Designed to eliminate moisture collection. Large wire channel accommodates all wire sizes including the heaviest barbed wire, the lightest gauge smooth wire and Red Snap'r electric fence wire. Easy installation with 45 degree front loading feature. Provides long arcing distance protection from wire to post. Features Red Snap'r unbreakable, snap-on/snap-off fastening attachment which accommodates standard size 1.25 and 1.33 t-posts.
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Electric Fence Warning Sign 4"x 8"

M7280370 Available: 2
Warning Electric Fence WS100
Sign Helps identify fence lines by giving them high
visibility. Makes people
aware of the electric fence. Black letters on a yellow background. Required by law in some states. Easy to install. UV protected to resist weathering. 10 yellow warning signs per bag.
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Electric Fence Gate Handle Yellow

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One-piece molded plastic gate handle,Floats on a compression spring assembly,All tension on rugged steel assembly, Yellow
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