Plant Supports & Stakes

Woodstream Ultomato Expandable Stake Arm

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Reinforce your tomato cage to help grow healthier tomatoes and plants.

These Gardener's Blue Ribbon Expandable Ultomato Stake Arms are designed to provide additional support to an Ultomato Tomato cage. They are expandable from 10" to 14" to provide customizable support for growing plants. These expandable stakes also feature an adjustable connector which allows them to connect at different angles. they can be used to reinforce your existing cage, or to add an additional stake or two to grow the cage as the plant grows.
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Woodstream Sturdy Stake 7'

M7360356 Available: 1
Rustproof and plastic coated for watertight protection, steel core for strength. Spurs prevent slippage.
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Sturdy Plant Stake

STPS Available:
6', Heavy Duty, Sturdy Plant Stake, Steel Core For Strength, Plastic Coated For Watertight Protection, Weather, Chemical & Rust Proof, For Indoor & Outdoor Use.
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