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Jiffy Plant Tray 11"x22"

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Watertight, designed for use with Jiffy-Pots, pellets, and strips. Reusable, made from recyclable plastic. Makes a mini greenhouse when combined with No.221 (SKU 453-2420) Gro-Dome.
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Greenhouse Starter Kit 50ct

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This fiber grow coconut greenhouse starter kit is great fot starting seeds or transplanting your seedlings. It allows for more air to flow through the pot and provide better root growth. This product contains 50 pots.
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Greenhouse Starter Kit 16ct

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Coconut fiber grow pots- more durable than peat,More resistant to mold than peat pots,Parts are reusable and easily replaced,Kit include Fiber Grow(R) pot strips, -,carrying tray and humidity dome,SIZE 16 x 2.25" Kit
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Grodan Starter Mini Blocks 45 Pack

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Grodan 1.5 Inch Starter Mini-Blocks MM40/40, 45 Count. Mini-Blocks sit in a tray (flat) without support for easy starting of seeds and cuttings. These Mini-Blocks are individually wrapped in white plastic to minimize algae growth. Remove wrapping and transplant into any loose media such as Grow-Cubes or coconut fiber or leave wrapping on and set on top of a larger Gro-block. Packed in easy tear away strips, labeled with instructions.
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Rapid Rooter Tray 50 Cell

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General Hydroponics Rapid Roote Natural Plant Starter Tray

Organic Rooting Starters 50 count cups
Rapid Rooter's breakthrough technology produces a unique matrix of composted organic materials bonded together with plant-derived polymers. Rapid Rooter plugs are manufactured using a scientifically controlled process that yields large populations of beneficial microbes in the media. These naturally-occurring microbes colonize young roots, helping plants resist disease while maximizing nutrient uptake. Rapid Rooter plugs are fortified with General Hydroponic micronutrients for abundant root growth. The optimal air-to-water ratio within the plug matrix results in explosive early root growth. Use Rapid Rooter for robust early rooting that supports explosive plant growth.
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