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Black Gold Peat Moss 3.8CF

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Sun Gro's Black Gold is comprised of 100% Canadian Sphagnum. The best organic soil conditioner, it improves water retention and aeration, which provides your soil with excellent water and air exchange capacity. Particularly suited to acid-loving plants, sphagnum can slightly lower the pH of alkaline soils. Recommended as a soil amendment to improve soil water retention, aeration and root development. Combine this peat moss with your favorite or available soils to create your own mix. OMRI Listed.
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Jolly Gardner Cypress Mulch 2Cu

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Cypress mulch for use as landscape mulch
Helps retain moisture and limit weed growth
Helps insulate soil as well
Beautifies flower beds and garden areas
Size: 2 Cubic Ft. Bag
Color: Natural
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