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Paonia Organic Soil The Bomb 2 cu ft

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Super advanced soil with powerful yet gentle time release nutrients. The most advanced and complete vegetative potting soil made. The new version of The Bomb has enough nutrients to optimally support most plants through the vegetative period of growth. Fully natural and organic. No need to add any nutrients for 4-24 weeks of  amazing growth based on plant type. The Bomb is pH 6.5 and inoculated with billions of beneficial microorganisms. Most of our major competitors claim 27 species of microbes or less, we have over 20,000.  Reach for The Bomb when you need your plants to explode!

This potting mix would be considered "soilless" by some, yet it works like a superior soil  and with the Dynamic Dressing compost and peat we consider it soil as well.  It works very well in fabric aeration pots.  The Bomb all natural potting soil will give a good 3-4  days between watering.
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