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AeroGarden 6 Pod Indoor Garden

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Aerogarden 6 Soil Free Indoor Garden, Compact, Triangular Shape, Fits Perfectly On Any Surface In Your Home, Fully Automated System Makes Gardening Easy, Simply Fill The Bowl With Water, Insert The Preseeded Grow Pods & You Are On Your Way To Growing Herbs, Flowers, Lettuce, Vegetables & More, NASA Tested Technology Plants Are Guaranteed To Grow, Will Grow 5 Times Faster Than In Soil, Has Everything You Need To Start Gardening, Including 2 Energy Efficient Grow Lights & A Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit With 7 Pre-Seeded Culinary Herbs & 1 Season Of Liquid Nutrients, Nutrients Keep Plants Growing Vigorously For Approximately 4-6 Months, Provides Up To 12" Of Growing Height, 10.5" Overall Size.
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AeroGarden Extra

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Grow bigger, healthier plants with our highest powered CFL lamp hood & biggest reservoir. Extra tall lamp arm adjusts as your plants grow - up to 24 inches of growing height.
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