Alpine Fountain Pump

25300003 Available: 6
The Power head Pumps feature flow control, an oil free magnetic design, are epoxy protected and have ceramic impeller shafts for long life. These reliable and quiet submersible water Pumps will give you a cost-saving, energy-efficient operation.
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Alpine Submersible Halogen Light

25300008 Available: 2
These Low Voltage Lighting age submersible halogen lights are perfect add-ons to any fountain, pond or waterfall. Each unit comes with Transformer four colored lenses.
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Alpine Small Tabletop Fountain Cleaner

M1031594 Available: 6
All-purpose fountain cleaner. Eliminates sludge and grime. Contains de-foaming and de-scaling agents. Treats up to 7 liters. Use weekly for preventative care. Dosage may be doubled for problem fountains. Requires circulating water. Non-toxic, safe for pets. Not intended for ponds including wildlife or plantlife.
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