Alpine Corp Metal Windmill Garden Stand

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This large metal windmill doubles as a stand to hold a variety of hanging or standing potted plants. Constructed out of high quality, powder coated metal to withstand the elements.
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Toysmith Kids Paint A Terrarium

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Grow and decorate your own little world with this terrarium kit. Includes 9"x 7" x 5" terrarium, drip tray, paint brush and eight assorted paint colors. Be creative and mix the paints for additional colors. Plants and soil not included. Recommended for ages 8 years and up.
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Red Carpet Studios Balancer Buddies Perched Owls

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Our Balancing Buddies yard art from Red Carpet Studios will provide a whimsical touch to your yard and garden. 42-Inch tall metal post holds a rod with a pair of seesawing owls. Makes a great gift.
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Red Carpet Studios Balancing Buddies Motorcycle

106629 Available: 1
Balancing buddies yard art is a unique sculpture that adds a whimsical touch to any home, walkway or garden. Metal icons with a rustic finish. Features an old fashioned motorcycle complete with headlight on one side with an opposing metal helmet at the other end. Easily inserts into yard, soil, sand, raised garden bed, patio planters and flower boxes.
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Red Carpet Studios3 Balancer Stake Rainyday Crow

106630 Available: 2
Add beauty and charm to your outdoor space with this balancer garden stake with mother crow and chick.
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Red Carpet Studios Stake Solar Glass Flower Blue

106639 Available: 1
With our Garden Studio and All Jazzed Up  lines, RCS gives something special to all customers. In the Garden Studio, you will find everything from large scale spinners in our Wind Art, rustic planters for the gardener, and chimes and birdhouses for the nature and bird lovers.
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Red Carpet Studios Birdhouse Face Billy

106640 Available: 1
A distinctive and unique way to add your individual personality to your front or back yard. Birdie in the Woods intricately sculpted old man and elf face-style bird houses resemble an authentically carved wood piece, but are crafted from resin for long lasting beauty and durability outdoors. Can be easily hung on wall or fastened to tree by single nail. Cleanout holes in back of sculpture.
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Esschert Verdigris Rain Chain Iron

125763 Available: 6
Traditional cast iron rain chain. A beautiful alternative for that ugly rain spout that hangs off your gutters. Easy to install to any gutter. 12 buckets. Perfect for placement in the garden, or patio. Oxidized iron.
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Union Products Pink Flamingos 2 Pack

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Set of two flamingos, comes with metal rod legs. For use on lawn and garden, flower beds, backyard, etc.
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Echo Valley Stardust Glass Ornament

25201321 Available: 1
Produced from cosmic dust that date back millennia, the 3-1/2-Inch Illuminarie (Glow in the Dark) Stardust Ornament from Echo Valley is a wonderment of light and energy. Luminescent crystals embedded in the green tinted glass absorb light energy during the day and release it at night in form of a subtle green glow. Glow duration may last up to 3- 4 hours, gradually fading over that time. In addition to use outdoors, the ornament works equally well in an interior environment and can be hung in front of a picture window, mantle or large potted tree.
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African Mini Shopping Tote

M1024464 Available: 2
African Market Baskets are strong, durable, colorful and entirely hand-made. Each basket is unique and beautiful.

These baskets are made from river grass, known as "elephant grass" by local weavers in Bolgatanga, Ghana. Each case comes in assorted colors and patterns so your store will always have a great selection.

Baskets with leather handles are wrapped in goat skin for comfort and durability. The leather is naturally tanned using local seeds and red millet.
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Le Primitif Peacock 10"

M1025978 Available: 3
This beautiful, hand-chiseled wall hanging was crafted in Haiti from recycled steel oil drums and can be displayed inside or outside to elevate the decor around your home. This Peacock measures approximately 10 x 10 x 0.25 Inch.
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