Cleaning & Waxing

Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound T230

80277 Available: 1
Cleans dull, badly weathered finishes, quickly and easily penetrates through the oxidized surface to remove scratches, blemishes and stubborn stains. Recommended for rubbing down between coats of newly sprayed lacquer and acrylic car finishes.

Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell T-123R 16oz

80286 Available: 5
Get Legendary Super Hard Shell protection and shine with Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Car Wax. The easy on, easy off formula fights harmful UV rays and lasts up to 12 months.

Turtle Wax Zip Wax T-75 16oz

80292 Available: 2
Zip Wax Car Wash features advanced sudsing action to gently and safely lift dirt and grime. Also great for use around the house on surfaces including patios, fiberglass awnings, garage floors, walls, windows, metal doors, decks, aluminum and vinyl siding, charcoal grills, sporting gear, fiberglass boats and more.

Armor All Tire Foam Cleanser

80516 Available: 5
No wiping. Floats dirt away, shines and protects.

Gojo Natural Orange Pumice Hand Cleaner 14oz

80606 Available: 12
Gojo(R)* is the number one preferred hand cleaner for professional tradesmen. It thoroughly and safely cleans adhesives, asphalt, tar, paint and much more! Available in Natural Orange and Original scent with pumice.

Gojo Hand Cleaner Original

81324 Available: 2
Contains soothing emollients. For removing heavy grease, tar and oil. Rub, then wipe clean with a towel or rinse off

Black Magic Bleche-wite Tire Cleaner 32oz

82543 Available: 3
Restores that "new tire" look. Spray on, wipe off. Removes brake dust. High pH formula.

Super Hard Shell Paste Wax 14oz

82994 Available: 3
Gives a super hard shell finish. Last up to 12 months.

Polishing Compound

83547 Available: 6
Polishing compounds white paste paste size 10.5 ounces Soft and creamy paste instantly shines new life and color into dull faded finishes. Quickly and safely removes oxidized pigment, heavy road film, dirt and stains. Goes on smoothly and easily, contains no harsh abrasives. Cleans all painted metal, chrome a nd porcelain surfaces.

Clean‑Rite 8414 Heavy Duty Squeegee 20"

84144 Available: 3
Detailer's Choice, 20", Heavy Duty Squeegee, 8" Head & A 20" Solid Pole With A Flexible, High Quality Silicone Blade & A Strong Mesh To Scrub Away Bug & Tar Stains, Clear Coat Safe.

Armor All Multi-Purpose Auto Cleaner

85492 Available: 5
Formulated to remove tough automotive soils such as ground-in dirt, grease, road grime, tar and brake dust, without harming delicate surfaces such as the dash, fabric and carpet.

Blue Car Wash High Foam Concentrate 64oz

86192 Available: 3
Rich lather safely floats away dirt and grime. Leaves a sparkling, streak-free finish on cars new and old. Enhances previously polished surfaces. For all paint surfaces.