Filter & Regulator Combo

10573 Available: 1
Tru-Flate 24-243 Mini Piggyback Filter/Regulator. 1/4 inch NPT (National Pipe Thread). Maximum inlet pressure: 150 psi. Maximum temperature:120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Adjustable: 0-125 psi.  S-1142 Mini piggyback Filter-Regulator duo with Gage (0-160 PSI) has all the features of the mini regulator plus the space saving convenience of a combined filter. Complete with a 20 micron, screw in filter.

 Air Chuck w/ Grip Tight Clipping System

11139 Available: 4
Air chuck with grip tight clipping system generates an air tight seal around the stem valve of the tire. Screws directly onto any air hose with a 1/4 " male NPT air inlet. Fits all standard automotive style stem valves.

Victor Air Chuck Ball Foot

13014 Available: 5
Air chuck ball foot, can be used on an air line and air meter or compressor. 1/4 inche npt female threads, 45 degree head with built in shut off valve. brass construction.

Compact Air Line Regulator With Gauge

13538 Available: 2
Tru-Flate 24-404 Lubrimatic Stant-Air Regulator 125PSI 1/4". 1/4" NPT. 40 to 180 degree F operation. 300 PSIG inlet with  0-125 PSIG outlet. Balanced piston, Bana'n diaphragm and O-rings with molded rubber seat.

Regulator With Gauge 3/8"

13539 Available: 2
Tru-Flate 24-414 Lubrimatic Stant-Air Regulator 125PSI3/8". TRU-FLATE REGULATOR-COMPACT. 3/8" NPTF. T- handle, relieving adjustment. Balanced piston, Bana'n diaphragm and O-rings with a molded rubber seat.

Reversible Jaw Puller

80585 Available: 2
Cal-Van Tools 951 2 & 3 Jaw Combination Pullers. These versatile Combination Pullers may be converted into either a 2 or 3 jaw puller simply by changing the jaws on the yoke.  All pullers have standard threads, contrasting zinc and black oxide finish. Yoke and jaws are forged.  All parts are heat-treated.  3 1/2-in. Reversible, 7 -in. spread, Center Screw 9/16-in. -20 * 6-3/8-in., 5 Ton

Custom Accessories Strap Filter Wrench Small

80588 Available: 2
Premium Pennzoil adjustable oil filter wrench fits most filters from 2-13/16 to 3 14 in. diameter

Pennzoil Oil Filter Wrench Large

80590 Available: 2
Pennzoil, large strap, black, oil filter wrench, oxide, fits 3 1/4 to 3 7/8 inch diameter filters.

Round Drain Pan 7.5QT

85812 Available: 6
7.5 Quart round drain pan.

Cal-Van Tools 941 2-Jaw Puller 6" Reversible

88400 Available: 2
Cal-Van Tools 941 2-Jaw Pullers. Designed with forged yokes, heat treated jaws and plated for years of dependable use.  Center screw is heat treated and finished in black oxide.  3 1/2-in. Adjustable, 6-in. spread, Center Screw 9/16-in. -20*6-3/8-in., 5 Ton

Custom Accessories 4-Way Lug Wrench 20 in.

89382 Available: 4
3/4 inch, 7/8 inch, 11/16 inch, 13/16 inch, and 17 millimeter, 19 millimeter, 21 millimeter and 22 millimeter size. Durable. High quality. Easy to use.

Custom Accessories Replacement Air Pump Hose 20 in.

89523 Available: 2
20 in. hose with quick release connector. 3/16 in. diameter hose connector. Leather washer. 2 nylon hose ties.