Square D AC Pressure Switch 95 - 125 Psi

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Air compressor pressure switch suitable for small electrically driven air compressors, includes a two way pressure release valve. Contacts open on rising pressure. 2 Pole, NEMA 1 enclosure, 1/4" NPSF internal pressure connection, diaphragm actuated, UL/CSA Listed, RoHS compliant.
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ClearVision Supreme Light Bulb 9004 2pk

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ClearVision Supreme premium halogen headlamps feature high performance tungsten filaments and customized gas mixtures, combined with a proprietary optical coating. This results in a whiter and brighter light that provides superior illumination of the road with no added glare and increased depth perception and contrast which improves nighttime visibility. EiKO?s line of original equipment headlamps were designed to meet or exceed the performance of your vehicle?s original lamp. Manufactured to exacting standards results in the most consistent and reliable lamp, designed to withstand the harsh conditions today's roads dish out. Featuring top quality components, including UV block quartz glass, these lamps are guaranteed to perform like the original and engineered for lasting performance. More light on the road gives you more time to prepare, react, or avoid obstacles entirely. Additionally, each and every lamp is quality tested before it leaves the factory. The ClearVision Supreme premium halogen headlamps feature SoLux Technology that produces brighter and whiter light as well as the longest beam of any DOT legal headlamp. SoLux is a patented technology that simulates real daylight better than any other headlamp. No other lamp can do what SoLux does to improve visibility, contrast and safety while driving. Don?t forget, lamps dim over time, so make sure to replace both headlamps for best performance.
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Power Bright Power Inverter 200 Watt 12V PW200-12

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Power Bright PW200-12 Inverter 200W 12V DC To 110V AC
    * 200 watts continuous power
    * 400 watts peak power
    * Anodized aluminum case provides durability
    * Built-in Cooling Fan
    * Cigarette lighter plug
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WirthCo 20128 Side Post Battery Switch

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Side terminal knife switch, for side terminal batteries, mounts on negative side battery terminal, mounts on negative side battery terminal, provides 3/8 18 bolt for receiving standard eyelet cable connector.
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WirthCo Surface Mount Battery Disconnect 20188

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Surface mounted in line remote mount knife switch, for concealed installations, or where battery box space is limited, 1 side connects to the battery cable, other side connects to the vertical cable, both terminals are 5/16 inches bolts for receiving eyelet cable connectors.
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