Snow & Ice Removal

25" Wood Snowbrush

80540 Available: 108
Regular reach snow brush/ice scraper with 25" wooden handle. 2 Rows of bristles for the brush.

Super Deluxe Snowbrush 22"

80719 Available: 56
Includes flexible "Bear Claw" blades which follows the contour of the windshield.

Bear Claw Ice Scraper 10 Inch

87019 Available: 41
Flat, compact design for easy storage. Our most popular scraper. Wide 4" frost clearing blade.

Prestone Window Deicer 11oz

88087 Available: 12
Prevents refreezing and smearing. A concentrated formula with a high powered propellant for windows, locks and wipers.

Hopkins 581-E Mallory Telescoping Sport Utility Snow Broom

8013690 Available: 45
Features an 8 inch head rubber squeegee. Rugged and durable, this is the ultilate winter multi-use tool. Extends from 30 inches to 48 inches. Highest quality and most economical price. Colors may vary from either red or blue

Hopkins Ice Hammer Snowbrush 23"

8136962 Available: 37
Unique design allows for longer reach. Soft molded grip repels water and withstands UV rays for longer life. Built in ice chippers break up tough ice.

Hopkins Ice Crusher Pivoting Snowbroom 51"

8197980 Available: 56
Most durable product on the market. Pivoting snowbroom with dual action bristles, squeegee and ice chippers. Separate frost and ice blades.

Hopkins Ice Chisel Scraper 10"

8198384 Available: 7
Patented 2-blades-in-1 design for ice chipping and frost removal. Leverage point for added power and a comfort grip design. Colors may vary.

Windshield DeIcer 12oz

8390049 Available: 14
12 OZ. Aerosol, auto and truck windshield de-icer. Melts ice instantly on locks, windshield wipers and windows. Neutralizes acid.

Schumacher Heat/Fan 12V 150W

8391906 Available: 2
12 Volt, 150 Watt. Defrosts and defogs windows in seconds. Comfortable warmth in less than two minutes. Fan and heater switch. Adjustable mounting bracket.

Snow Joe Ice Scraper

206378 Available: Not Available - Out of Stock
Snow Joe Edge Ice Scraper, With 4.8" Durable Brass Blade, Effectively Cuts Through Frost & Ice On Car Windows & Windshields In Just 1 Swipe, Easily Scrapes Through Light Or Heavy Frost Or Icy Frozen Mixes Without Leaving A Scratch, Cut OutDisplay.

Mallory Mini Pivot Telebroom

M8170210 Available: Out of stock
Features an 8 inch head rubber squeegee. Rugged and durable, this is the ultilate winter multi-use tool. Extends to 35 inches. Colors may vary. Hand grip and pole style may vary slightly.