Hoist & Cable Pullers

Master Lock 12V DC Portable Winch

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12-volt portable winch with remote and hand crank. Attaches to ball mount or a flat surface with plate. Capacities: 2000-pound pulling, 5000-pound marine, 6,000-pound rolling. Includes power battery cables, remote, back-up hand crank and safety hook. Convenient built-in carrying handle.
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Pull'R Holdings Power Pull Hoist 2 Ton 30:1

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Precision-cast aluminum alloy ratchet wheel. One piece construction. Galvanized aircraft quality cable. Interlocking, precision fit, steel alloy pawls. High tensile, fully rotating steel swivel. Trouble free, "notch-at-a-time" letdown. Permanent, comfortable, non-slip grip. Cable diameter: 3/16", 2 Ton, DESC 6 Ft. Cable
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