Tire Care & Chains

Slime Large Face Dial Tire Gauge 5-60 PSI

81526 Available: 44
5-60 psi Brass Tire Gauge with Bleeder Valve
This tire gauge is easy to use for precise readings. Made with sturdy brass components for a long life plus a pressure relief valve so you can read the pressure after removing the gauge from the tire.
Maintaining the proper pressure in your vehicle's tires will minimize tread wear, increase gas mileage and improve handling.

Cordless Portable Inflator

82592 Available: 2
Portable, cordless design for camping, road trips, auto safety and fast easy inflation of tires and sporting equipment. Extra outlet to provide power to run most 12 volt products. Cooling fan for extended life and reliability. 120 and 12 volt chargers, built-in tire pressure gauge. Includes 3 inflation accessories and replacement 15 amp. fuse. 230 PSI maximum pressure, 10.8 pounds, 11.5" length x 4.6" width x 9.3" height.

Slime Dual Head Pencil Tire Gauge 10-120 PSI

88398 Available: 2
10-120 psi Dual Head Gauge with Extenders
# Dual-head high-pressure gauge
# Bonus 1 0 inch valve extenders
# Easy to use
Maintaining the proper pressure in your vehicle's tires will minimize tread wear, increase gas mileage and improve handling.

Slime Spair Tire Kit 40013

8139248 Available: 2
15 minute, roadside smart spair repair kit, includes 300 psi,, 12v air compressor, 16 oz bottle of slime, valve core removal tool, storage bag & tire gauge.

 Inflator & Gauge 120V

8206963 Available: 2
120V, Inflator With Gauge,150 Maximum PSI, Built In Handle, High Pressure Pump, Cooling Fan, Pressure Gauge, Plugs IntoStandard Household Outlet, Storage For Accessories, Includes 2 Raft Adaptors & 1 Needle For Sport Ball Inflation, Perfect For All Tires Including Truck, SUV, Car, Bicycle & Tractor.

Autosock Winter Traction Device

600AUTO Available:

-AutoSock is available in different sizes to fit most vehicles
-AutoSock should be fitted to the drive wheels.
-AutoSock can be used with and improves electronics safety systems such as ESP, ASC+T, ASR, ABS.
-AutoSock is four-wheel drive compatible when installed on the front
-AutoSock works with vehicles having low clearance between the tire and the body and/or between the tire and the suspension.

Installation: AutoSock is easy to install following these simple steps:

-Stop the vehicle and apply the emergency brake.
-Fit AutoSock to the drive wheels of the vehicle, starting at the top of the tire and working downwards.
-Stretch the elastic band over the top of the tire to the inside of the tire.
-Tighten the crossing strap.
-Move the vehicle approximately 3 feet and pull the remainder of the AutoSock into position.
-AutoSock automatically self-centers when you begin driving.
-Alternative to tire chains

Lifespan: As with all traction devices, proper care and driving habits determine the life of the product. Lifespan is decreased if used on dry surfaces.

Warranty: AutoSock is a wear and tear product and comes with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects and workmanship.

Proven Satisfaction: More than 1 million AutoSocks have been sold in Europe and Asia, with a customer satisfaction rating of 90 percent. AutoSock is approved by Europe's foremost testing and certification organization, the German TUV.

Original Accessories: AutoSock is approved and distributed by leading automakers, including Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, VW, Fiat, PSA and others.

Pro Power Heavy-Duty Tire Inflator 12V

M8102020 Available: Out of stock
Slime COMP06 Pro Power Heavy-Duty Tire Inflator
    * 12-volt, 150 psi compressor
    * Built-in pressure gauge and light
    * 16' coiled air hose
    * Canvas bag and adapters for inflatables

Slime Air Line Adapter

M8103230 Available: Not Available-Out of Stock
Air Line Kit Accessories

Tyre Grip 16oz

M8240581 Available: Not Available - Out of Stock
Many states prohibit the use of snow chains and other traction devices because they damage road infrastructures. But now there's a proven alternative...Tyre-Grip(TM), for intense driving conditions, or even situations where your tires just don't grip!

Posing no danger at all to highways and local road infrastructures, Tyre-Grip(TM) is a thin resin film applied directly to your tire treads for instant results! Unlike chains and similar devices, it won't harm your vehicle's drive train, either. This is especially important for hybrid cars because most hybrid manufacturers explicitly void warranties on their cars when chains and other traction devices are used. But the best thing of all about Tyre-Grip(TM) is - it works!

Key Benefits

Improves tire traction up to 300% on slippery wet surfaces, black ice, sleet, and snowy roads!
Retains effectiveness for at least fifty (50) miles!
Lasts 20+ applications/all four tires!
Natural resin adhesive is compatible with all vehicles!
Environmentally safe, causes no physical or mechanical degradation to body paint, metal or tires!
Causes no damage to roads or driveways!
Reduces risk of auto accidents due to hazardous road conditions!
Enhances the effectiveness of snow tires!
The colder it gets...the stronger it grips!
Available in convenient 16oz. or 7oz. recyclable aluminum can!

Shake can well to mix formula.
Hold can upright and spray the surface of all 4 tire treads evenly
Wait 2 to 3 minutes
Drive off with 300% better traction

LiquiTube Tire Sealant 16oz

M8242425 Available: Out of stock
LiquiTube is a preventative maintenance chemical for commercial and industrial tires that are subject to hard, heavy use. Will virtually eliminate flat tires from tread punctures (up to 1/4") or other leaks. Properly installed in a tire, it will provide full protection against air loss for the life of the tire. The chemical make up of LiquiTube allows it to always stay fluid (down to 30 degrees below zero) so that it immediately seals any tread punctures or leaks where air can escape from the tire.

Palm Style Blow Gun

M8101505 Available: 4
Palm Style Blow Gun Kit
Lightweight ergonomic design blow gun fits comfortably in the palm of you hand.  Kit includes 6 interchangleablfe nozzles, 1.4" air plug and a 12" hose and air chuck assembly.

Air Line Inflator & Gauge 10-90LBS Swivel Ball Foot

M8102025 Available: 12
Acme A1122 10-90# 12" Swivel Ball Acme Airline Gauge Assembly
    * Type: Swivel Ball Foot
    * Maximum Working Pressure (psi): 90.000
    * Check Type: Open
    * Gage Type: Gauge Assembly
    * Material: Zinc
    * Finish/Coating: Chrome Plated
    * Pressure Range: 10 to 90
    * Hose Length (Inch): 12
    * Chuck Type: Swivel Ball Foot