Tire Care & Supplies

Campbell Hausfeld Inflator with Gauge 120V

82592 Available: 2
The Campbell Hausfeld 120-volt inflator (RP410099AV) delivers up to 150 psi and can be used for inflating car and bike tires, soccer balls, beach balls and other sporting equipment. The built-in pressure gauge allows easy monitoring of air pressure during inflation. A cooling fan helps extend inflator life and reliability. Includes inflator needle and bonus Schrader-to-Presta adapter, which allows the inflator to be used with the Presta valves typically found on racing and road bikes. Operates on 120-volt household current

Slime Dual Head Pencil Tire Gauge 10-120 PSI

88398 Available: 12
Dual-head high-pressure gauge. Easy to use. Maintaining the proper pressure in your vehicle's tires will minimize tread wear, increase gas mileage and improve handling.

Slime Spair Tire Kit 40013

8139248 Available: 2
15 minute, roadside smart spair repair kit. Includes 300 psi, 12v air compressor, 16 oz bottle of slime, valve core removal tool, storage bag and tire gauge.

Slime Large Face Dial Tire Gauge 5-60 PSI

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This tire gauge is easy to use for precise readings. Made with sturdy brass components for a long life plus a pressure relief valve so you can read the pressure after removing the gauge from the tire. Maintaining the proper pressure in your vehicle's tires will minimize tread wear, increase gas mileage and improve handling.


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120V, Inflator With Gauge,150 Maximum PSI. Convenient carry handle for on-the-go portability. Fast, easy inflation of high-pressure items such as tires and sporting equipment. Cooling fan gives extended unit life and reliability. Built-in pressure gauge simplifies monitoring tire pressure. 3 inflation accessories. Plugs into standard household outlet.

Slime Air Line Adapter

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Air Line Kit Accessories

LiquiTube Tire Sealant 16oz

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LiquiTube is a preventative maintenance chemical for commercial and industrial tires that are subject to hard, heavy use. Will virtually eliminate flat tires from tread punctures (up to 1/4") or other leaks. Properly installed in a tire, it will provide full protection against air loss for the life of the tire. The chemical make up of LiquiTube allows it to always stay fluid (down to 30 degrees below zero) so that it immediately seals any tread punctures or leaks where air can escape from the tire.

Palm Style Blow Gun

M8101505 Available: 7
Lightweight ergonomic design blow gun fits comfortably in the palm of you hand.  Kit includes 6 interchangleablfe nozzles, 1.4" air plug and a 12" hose and air chuck assembly.

Air Line Inflator & Gauge 10-90LBS Swivel Ball Foot

M8102025 Available: 12
12" Swivel Ball Acme Airline Gauge Assembly. Swivel Ball Foot with a maximum Working Pressure (psi): 90.000. Made from zinc and chrome plated.

Dual Head Tire RV Gauge 10-160 PSI

M8103105 Available: 10
Slime's dually RV tire gauge is a heavy duty tire gauge that shines on equipment that often have hard to reach valve stems. Dual foot chuck for easy reach on all tires. The tire pressure shows up on a gauge that's connected by an 8-inch hose, making for easy reach on most tires. It also features a bleeding valve that keeps you from having to measure the same tire multiple times. Maintaining the proper pressure in your vehicle's tires will minimize tread wear, increase gas mileage and improve handling.

Slime Tire Tackle Compact Tire Repair Kit

M8103165 Available: 6
14-Piece Small Tire Tackle. Includes four valve cores, one 4-way tool, four chrome hex caps, four plastic caps, and one 10-50 PSI key chain pencil gauge.

Slime Power Sport Tire Tackle Tire Repair Kit

M8103170 Available: 3
22-Piece Medium Tire Tackle Kit. Includes four valve cores, one 4-way tool, four anodized valve caps, three plug repair strings, one 10-50 PSI pencil gauge, one screwdriver reamer tool, one screwdriver plugger tool, five 1 3/8 inch round patches, one metal scuffer, one .41 oz. rubber cement tube.