Battery Chargers & Cables

Lubrimatic Battery Filler Syringe 6 oz

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7 oz. capacity. For filling vehicle batteries. Red-orange bulb
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Uriah Battery Post/Terminal Cleaning Brush

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Battery Top Post and Terminal Cleaning Tool. Wire brush design for both terminals and posts to remove corrosion easily.
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Uriah Top Post Battery Terminal

83947 Available: 3
Universal, Top Post Replacement Terminal. For a top post automotive battery. A lead terminal to reduce corrosion and to prevent rusting. Bolt on style terminal for use with cable sizes of 1 Awg to 6 Awg and has a 11/16" diameter post capacity. Fits either positive or negative battery post.
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Uriah Side Post Battery Terminal

87329 Available: 5
Side mount post terminal for automotive batteries. Made of lead to reduce corrosion and rust. Equipped with a 3/8" side mount terminal bolt to secure the vehicle's battery cable to the battery. Bolt on style will fit cable size from 1 Awg to 6 Awg.
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Custom Accessories Deluxe Battery Tester

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Battery tester lets you know when you need to replace your vehicles battery leaving you with confidence when out on the road. Accurate results in hot or cold weather for the winter and summer months. Universal, works with 6, 12 or 24 volt batteries. Easy to view gauge for accurate readings. Easy to
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Road Power Marine Battery Terminal

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Heavy duty. Lead-free product constructed from magnesium and aluminum alloy. Replaces worn or corroded terminals. Works with battery cables from 6 to 1 gauge. For 6 or 12 volt systems.
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Battery Tender Quick Disconnect Harness

8292526 Available: 2
Battery Tender Quick Disconnect. Ideal for permanently attaching to your vehicle's battery. Allowing for plug and charge technology for automotive, motorcycles and electric start lawn mowers. Charge and maintain the vehicle's battery for an indefinite period of time, keeping the battery and vehicle ready to go when you are.
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Peak 150W Cup Inverter

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Charge your devices on the go with the Peak 150W Cup Inverter. This unit fits into most vehicle cup holders and features two 110/120V AC outlets and two USB power outlets, or ports. The Peak Inverter converts 12V DC vehicle power to AC household power. When in the on position, if the devices you are charging begin to wear down your vehicle's battery, the Peak 150W Cup Inverter will shut down. It offers short circuit protection and high/low voltage protection.
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Schumacher 400A Portable Jump Starter

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This Schumacher Instant Portable Power Source has an on/off switch that activates the jump start mode. A built-in charger for automatic charging of the internal battery; just connect an extension cord to the plug to recharge (cord not included). The battery status LEDs tell when a battery is charged or needs to be charged. The Sure-Grip Clamps fit both top and side-mount batteries. The cable will stay flexible in the coldest weather. A maintenance-free, sealed lead acid battery allow for storage in any position. 12V DC Power
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DieHard Booster Cable 12 ft

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DieHard 8 AWG 12FT. Black/Yellow Booster Cable Set
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Schumacher Fuel Jump Starter Red

8437824 Available: 2
Fuel pack and back up power for emergency jump start and charging portable electronics. Lithium iron phosphate battery provides longer life and more charge cycles. Lithium ion and spark free protection against overcurrent, short circuit overload, over voltage and overcharge. Great for power sports, motorcycles and 4-6 cylinder cars. TSA checkpoint friendly. Extra power during air travel. Ultra light design is 75% lighter than lead acid jump starters. Scrolling digital display and step by step instructions to properly jump start your battery. 2A USB ports, 2 times faster charging for all USB devices, including smartphones, Mp3 players and tablets. 1VV DD port adaptor works with memory savers (not included). Ultra bright LED light, use as a work light or flash as a hazard signal. Includes 1 each of the following: SL1 lithium ion jump starter/fuel pack, clamp adaptor and USB to micro USB adaptor.
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DieHard Jump Starter

8484040 Available: 5
8000mA Battery Jump Starter. Up to 20x jump starts per charge. Ultra safe smart cable. Built-in LED light. Lithium-Ion technology. USB ports 5 volts at 2.1A and 1A. Compact design with travel bag. LCD display with on/off button.
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