Battery Chargers & Cables

Uriah Top Post Battery Terminal

83947 Available: 12
Universal, Top Post Replacement Terminal. For a top post automotive battery. A lead terminal to reduce corrosion and to prevent rusting. Bolt on style terminal for use with cable sizes of 1 Awg to 6 Awg and has a 11/16" diameter post capacity. Fits either positive or negative battery post.
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Uriah Side Post Battery Terminal

87329 Available: 5
Side mount post terminal for automotive batteries. Made of lead to reduce corrosion and rust. Equipped with a 3/8" side mount terminal bolt to secure the vehicle's battery cable to the battery. Bolt on style will fit cable size from 1 Awg to 6 Awg.
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Road Power Marine Battery Terminal

89757 Available: 6
Heavy duty. Lead-free product constructed from magnesium and aluminum alloy. Replaces worn or corroded terminals. Works with battery cables from 6 to 1 gauge. For 6 or 12 volt systems.
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Roadpower Battery Terminal Lifter 965

M8340431 Available: 2
Removes terminal leads from battery with ease. Prevents damage to post or battery case. Can also be used to pull small gears, pulleys and bearings. 6 and 12 volt batteries.
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