Busted Knuckle Garage T-Shirt

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Lookin' to upgrade your wardrobe and do it in the right "Car Guy" colors? Here's the basic shop tee that honors not only "Repair & Despair" in your garage but offers the greatest of life's insights - "Get A Grip"!
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Colorado Rockies Car Emblem

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COLORADO ROCKIES Officially Licensed Promark Chrome Auto Eblem. Chrome-finished plastic auto emblem can be applied to a vehicle or any other hard surface with the automotive 3M tape included on the emblem. Can be removed with out damaging paint or surface and is UV protected. Measures roughly 3.25" X 2.25"
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USA Car Flag 19"

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Proud to be an American, show your pride with Rico Tag's Car Flag. This American Flag Car Flag easily clips to any Auto Window. Quality pole measures 19" in Length.
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The Busted Knuckle Trapper Cap

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Perhaps you've never been called a hot-head before? Now you can be. The Busted Knuckle Garage Trapper Hat is all about winter warmth. You'll never know there's a cold day out there once you escape to the comfortable confines of this handsome cap. This hat is made to withstand the elements of the most severe prairie chill. It is wind and water resistant, quilted and poly filled for the ultimate in warmth, and what could be better than the faux fur trim for that "authentic" look. Nylon "quick lock" chin strap plus snap hold bill...this hat has more adjustments than a leaky carburetor. Bonus-secret zippered stash compartment inside this hat. Hide what you think you need to. The embroidered "No Scar - No Story" emblem on the back says it all! When a ball cap doesn't cut it and you still need to show you're a Motor-Head, show 'em with the new BKG Trapper Hat.
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