Specialty Repair Materials

Alumilite Amazing Remelt

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Non-toxic, pourable, food grade mold making material. Ideal for low exotherm resins and/or room temperature applications. Material softens at 120? and becomes liquid at 135?-145?. It can be remelted and reused to make new molds time and time again. Can be warmed in microwave, oven, or double boiler.
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Aluminite Microballoons

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Alumilite Microballoons 40101

Reduce the amount of resin needed in large castings by filling your resin with Alumilite's Microballoons. These are hollow glass spheres that dramatically decrease the weight and increase the buoyancy of your cast piece.

Can be mixed up to 100% by volume max. Works wonderfully when casting a large artifact that needs to be lightweight or for fishing lures that need to float.

Quantity: 1 32-ounce plastic container
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